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    At Muuto, we strive to create new perspectives on Scandinavian design. Pushing this notion forward is our Photo Essays—perceiving our collection through the individual lens of photographers from across the world. For the ninth edition, New York-based photographer Adrianna Glaviano shares her view on the Light Blue color across Muuto's collection.

    “The Light Blue Color instantly evokes an ephemeral feeling of calmness, reminding me of the half-hour before the sun comes up or goes down.”

    “When sitting with the designs in my hands at home, I was observing them from different angles and in different lighting environments. I realized that I wanted to show the objects from different angles since they’re 3D objects and a photo is two-dimensional. To show their different facets, I photographed them from 4/6 different positions.”

    “When it comes to my imagination and curiosity to work creatively, I enjoy the process of thinking about the given project for a while and coming up with an idea or an interesting way to capture the object as opposed to rushing the project through.”

    To explore the universe of Adrianna Glaviano, please visit her Instagram account here as well as her website here.


    designs in light blue