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    An Elegant Design Family — Outline Series

    What defines a design family? Is it the form? The materials? How the designs are used? To designer duo Anderssen & Voll, it’s the total sum of its parts. Take their Outline Sofa family for Muuto. Sure, the designs have a strong ethos when on their own. However, when placing them together, the family members elevate one another and form the ambience of a room through their elegantly refined expression. Here, Anderssen & Voll speak on creating families within design, what binds the members of the Outline Sofa family together and its latest member, the Outline Sofa Chaise Longue.

    “I think what’s most interesting about a design family is how it can evolve over time: As new members are born into it, new perspectives are added to their combined expression,” says Espen Voll. The first member of the Outline family was a sofa in 2- and 3-seater versions, characterized by its clean lines, architectural elements and superior comfort.

    Speaking on how it all went from there, Torbjørn Anderssen says: “We found that the key elements of Outline and its design principle—slimming down proportions for an elegant look while having extensive amounts of comfort—could be applied to more forms.”

    First came the Outline Chair: “It was a natural extension of the Outline family, working to create a chair that would fit seamlessly together with the sofa as well as having a strong individual identity that allowed for it to be placed on its own as a highlighted armchair or small sofa,” adds Espen Voll.

    After having designed the sofa and chair, Anderssen & Voll began to look at how our ways of living were constantly evolving and particularly how people in metropolitan areas were living in increasingly smaller spaces: “It prompted us to translate the language of Outline into compact design through the Studio series: A reduced yet elegant design that was aesthetically synonymous with the existing members of the Outline family,” explains Torbjørn Anderssen.

    When seated in an Outline design, one holds no doubt that comfort is a vital characteristic of the family; an element that Muuto and the two designers wanted to explore further through the addition of the Outline Sofa Chaise Longue: “Adding the element of a chaise longue to the Outline family gives the sofa an incredible comfort with generous shapes, making it the heart of any home,” finishes Espen Voll.

    The Outline family is constantly growing and currently includes the Outline Sofa and Chair, the Outline Studio Sofa and Chair and the Outline Sofa Chaise Longue. And who knows, maybe there’s more to come?

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