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    The property, a 50-meter-long and 9-meter-wide plot, offers an unusual combination of privacy and space in the thick of the city. "It's a very secluded space, perfect for our needs," he adds. Preserving the original warehouse walls, which formed the boundary with neighboring gardens, John integrated them into a new structure that maximizes outdoor space and maintains its distinctive character. 

    John Tree "In London, there's a tradition of small industrial plots behind houses. We found one and decided to build our dream home," John explains.

    Their rendition of the home-studio, a place for living and creating, is a testament to adaptability, designed to evolve with the changing needs of its inhabitants. "We designed it to be flexible, knowing that our needs would change over time," he says. The interior walls are non-structural, allowing for easy reconfiguration as their family and professional requirements evolve.  

    John’s design philosophy is evident in his latest creation for Muuto, the Earnest Extendable Table. "I’m drawn to designing flexible and adaptable systems, much like this home," he says. The table embodies this approach, with a clear sense of versatility and functionality, a sense of reduction, without compromising on beauty. 

    The table's development was a hands-on process, starting with scale models and evolving through physical prototypes. "Seeing something physically in your space is key, at least to my process. You get to appreciate its presence and functionality. You notice things," John notes. This tactile approach allowed him to refine the table's extension mechanism, which uses flexible wooden aprons to hold the leaves in place. It is a rare contemporary extendable table fully constructed in solid wood.

    John Tree “Solid wood gives it a sort of continuation. It feels like a story that isn’t  finished. As you add the extension, inviting more people to the table, the story carries on,” says Tree. 

    Fashioned as a creative space for both John and his wife, a photographer, the fluid approach to space enhances their work environment, seamlessly blending professional and personal life. The Earnest Extendable Table, now their dining table, often doubles as a workspace, embodying the multifunctional ethos of their home. It is a definite heart of the home, a revolving point.

    Living and working in a space designed for change has been a rewarding experience for the family and has informed John’s practice. "The flexibility built into our home gives us comfort. It is not just practical but also a source of inspiration," he shares. 

    With multiple small Japanese-inspired courtyard gardens woven throughout the home's structure, the architecture invites natural light and creates a serene atmosphere. The effect of nature on the interior is palpable and grounding. "It's nice because we're in a very urban area, but we have the luxury of space and nature," John reflects. 

    John Tree "The light here is special. As my wife and I work from home, we follow the light throughout the day, moving to different spots that feel right.”

    The home is more than a mere residence; it's a living testament to his design philosophy. It showcases the harmonious blend of intentional design, adaptability, and the impact of the environment on well-being.  

    John Tree "Living with an object, like the Earnest Extendable Table, you get to understand and love it over time. It's about creating pieces that grow with you," John concludes.

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