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    Product Fact Sheets

    Is the bulb included? Is the lamp dimmable? Which bulb to use for my lamp? Find all answers and much more in our Product Fact Sheets for each lamp design.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is the light source (bulb) included? —
    For some of our lamps the light source is included in the box together with the lamp or as an integrated LED in the lamp itself. Why do not all lamps in our collection come with included bulb? The reason for this is that we include the light source only in cases where it’s an essential part of the lamp design and in cases where it’s not possible to use a standard E27/E14 light source. Also, we aim to avoid a light source not being used due to market specific differences or personal preferences of the light intensity. Find specific information on your favorite lamp design and if it comes with the light source included in our Product Fact Sheets or contact one of our retailers.
    Which light source (bulb) shall I use for my lamp? —
    For all our lamps that don’t come with included light source, we recommend the right light source. This information is gathered for each lamp design in our Product Fact Sheets. When buying a standard light sources for your lamp , it's important to be aware of some specifications. These are always stated on the light source packaging, like for example if the light source is dimmable. This is important to check before using it with a dimmable lamp. If not you can end up with flickering lights or even damaging the bulb or the installed dimmer. Find specific light source recommendations for your favorite lamp design in our Product Fact Sheets or contact one of our retailers.
    Is the lamp dimmable? —
    Many of our lamp designs are dimmable. All lamps with integrated LED light source are dimmable, either dim-to warm or 3-step dimming. For lamps with retrofitted light sources, the lamps are dimmable when using a dimmable bulb. Make sure to get the right bulb for your lamp, in order not to damage the light source or dimmer, ending up with a flickering light. The Muuto inline dimmer, which has been especially designed to suit aesthetically with our lamps and has a memory function. When switching of the lamp and turning it on again, the dimmer remembers the last dimming status. Find out if your favorite lamp design is dimmable in our Product Fact Sheets or contact one of our retailers.
    How long is the cord of a pendant lamp and can I extend it? —
    Our pendant lamps come with either 4 or 5 meter cord length. It is possible to extend the cord by buying extra cord in the required total length. Please note that the entire cord needs to be replaced, by preferable an electrician. You cannot connect the existing cord and add the extra cord. Learn more on the cord length for our pendant lamps in the Product Fact Sheets or contact one of our retailers.
    Is the ceiling cap included and does it match the color of the lamp? —
    The ceiling cap for our pendant lamp designs is always included and its color is white, no matter the color of the lamp shade. It is unfortunately not possible at this point to buy the ceiling cap in other colors than white.
    Is the light source replaceable? —
    The integrated, non-replaceable LED light source in some of our lamps are intentionally designed for an extended lifespan. The lasting power of built-in LEDs is indicated with the Lumen Maintenance (LM) factor. For instance, a lamp with LM80 means it will still have 80% of its brightness even after 30,000 hours. So, even though the light source isn't replaceable, it doesn't mean you frequently have to replace the whole lamp. Our aim is to design lamps with replaceable light source, whenever possible. The Fine Suspension Lamp for example is designed for Right to Repair, meaning that the light source can be replaced by an electrician only.

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