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    How to hang clusters
    Recommendations from our Design team

    Clusters are more suited for large settings or rooms, as you want to make sure to have the right balance and proportions between room, furniture and cluster size.

    For a larger living room we recommend going with the shape of a coffee table as a template. Let the cluster follow the form of the table, then play around with heights.

    For a smaller room with multiple pendants, we suggest separating them and placing them at different heights. One over the coffee table, one in the corner of the sofa, and so on.

    A cluster also looks great over the dining table. Using the same size and type of a pendant, there are multiple ways to create a repetition cluster such as a chandelier.

    When hanging in different heights, we suggest putting the lowest pendant quite low, but not too low. You don't want to block the eyefield, not being able to see the person sitting across you.

    Strand Pendant Lamp Ø80 cm, Ø60cm, & Ø45 cm, Fiber Armchair Tube Base in Anthracite Black/Balder 792, 70/70 Table 255x108 cm in Oak/Sand, Enfold Sideboard in Grey, Ply Rug 170x240 cm in Burnt Orange, Echo Pouf in Steelcut 820, Kink Vase in Light Blue, Wave Tray
    Choose the type of cluster based on the design of the pendant

    Go with an uneven amount of pendants—three, five and so on—to create a fluid look.

    Stay within the same pendant family and use different sizes or all in the same size.

    Stick with one color to avoid a messy expression.

    Hanging heights and sizes should depend on the overall setting being vast or intimate.

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    Pendant Lamp Stories

    • Workshop Table 200 cm in Linoleum - Fiber Side Cahir in Balder 912/Dusty Green - Rime Pendant Lamp Ø37 cm in White - Kink Vase in Light Blue
    • Workshop Table 200 cm in Linoleum - Fiber Side Cahir in Balder 912/Dusty Green - Rime Pendant Lamp Ø37 cm in White - Kink Vase in Light Blue
    • Midst Table Ø120 cm in Oak/Grey - Cover Armchair in Oak - Top Pendant Lamp Ø28 cm in Dark Green - Silent Vase Ø20 cm in Clear - Wave Tray
    • E27 Pendant Lamp in Dusty Lilac, Workshop Chair in Oak, Kink Vase in Light Blue
    • Unfold Pendant Olive
    • Connect Soft Corner Config. 2 Ecriture 910 - Relevo Rug Burnt Orange 170x240 cm - Around Coffee Table Light Blue - Strand Pendant Ø60
    • Top Pendant Lamp Ø36 in Dark Green - Fiber Counter Stool 65 cm in Ochre/Black w. Tube Base - Raise Carafe - Platform Tray
    • Top Pendant Lamp Ø21 in Grey - Tub Jug in Pale Blue









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