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    Eco Labels & certificates

    Reasons to feel reassured

    There are numerous types of labels and certificates that address different aspects of sustainability. We have chosen the ones most relevant to you – and our portfolio of products. It is our policy to only work with independent institutes and certification authorities that are highly-regarded in the industry.

    At Muuto, we have a dedicated team solely focused on certifications and compliance. Experts who make sure that our products adhere our own quality requirements as well as necessary rules and regulations.

    EU Ecolabel

    The EU Ecolabel is the European Union’s official certification awarded to products for their high quality and sustainable initiatives. The EU Ecolabel is a well-respected certification worldwide as it identifies products having a reduced environmental impact spanning the total lifecycle of a product — from raw material to disposal.

    In our assortment, you will find a number of products that have obtained the EU Ecolabel Certification. The Fiber Series without upholstery, Cover Series without upholstery and Soft Side Table with Solid Oak and Laminate tabletop. See all our EU Ecolabel Certified products here.

    In addition, the majority of our textiles sourced from Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat have received the EU Ecolabel.

    The Declare Label

    Knowing the materials that go into a piece of furniture is much like knowing the ingredients that go into food. It adds an extra element of trust. With that in mind, Muuto participates in Declare. It’s a platform based on transparency that lets you see the origins of the materials used in a design. What the materials are made of. And what happens to a product at the end of its lifecycle. A selection of our furniture is Living Building Challenge Red List Compliant.

    See all our Declare Living Building Challenge Red List Compliant products here.

    The Global Greentag Label 

    Recognized worldwide as a trusted, independent eco-label certification, Global GreenTag was established to empower you, as a consumer, to confidently choose designs founded with sustainable initiatives within a wide variety of parameters — from hazardous substances, wood from sustainable forestry and durability. 

    A number of our designs are certified with the Global GreenTag Label - Level C.

    The Global GreenTag Label only applies for contract market orders with a minimum 5-year warranty.

    See all our Global GreenTag Label - Level C certified products here.

    The Forest Stewardship Council ™️ (FSC)

    We seek partners who share our same desire to protect forests and the nature where our materials are sourced. Muuto is an FSC™️-certified company (FSC C028824). The Forest Stewardship Council ™️ (FSC) aims to ensure that forests are managed in a sustainable, environmentally-responsible manner that preserves the natural surroundings, while also supporting the local community.

    See all our FSC ™️ -certified products here.

    VOC Testing

    We want our designs to enhance your surroundings as well as your sense of wellbeing. Which is why we have our furniture tested for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Often invisible to the naked eye, these emissions come from everyday objects. The majority of our Muuto designs are VOC tested, reflecting our desire to contribute to healthier indoor climates.

    See all VOC tested products here

    ANSI BIFMA & European Standard Testing

    Given so many testing protocols for furniture, we have chosen two independent testing institutes known for having some of the highest standards in the industry. Namely, ANSI/BIFMA in North America, which has rigorous procedures for testing the performance, strength and safety. The European Standard is EN, which thoroughly tests the domestic and non-domestic use of products for strength, durability and safety. Knowing that our Muuto designs have met these standards is your extra assurance that our designs are long-lasting and safe.

    See all our ANSI/BIFMA tested furniture here:

    BIFMA X5.1 — Office Seating
    BIFMA X5.4 — Lounge & Public Seating
    BIFMA X5.5 — Desk Products
    BIFMA X5.9 — Storage

    See all our EN-tested furniture here:

    EN 1022 Furniture – Stability
    EN 15372-L2 & -L3 Furniture – Strength, Durability & Safety
    EN 15373:2007-L2 Furniture – Strength, Durability & Safety
    EN 16122 & EN 16121 Furniture – Strength, Durability & Safety
    EN 16139-L2 Furniture – Strength, Durability & Safety

    GREENGUARD Gold Certificate

    Over 95% of our textiles, supplied by Kvadrat, hold the GREENGUARD Gold Certificate. This ensures that our upholstered designs have been approved as safe even for use in healthcare facilities as well as schools.

    Fire Testing

    We fire-test our upholstered products to be compliant for regions and countries with specific requirements, including California in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom and Italy. This gives you and our retail partners worldwide the added reassurance that our designs contribute to safe environments.

    Learn more about our fire testing here:

    BS - British Standard
    TB - Technical Bulletin

    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective