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    Today, work is done from anywhere and the modern workday consists of a varying array of activities that require different settings; from spaces that allow us to focus on the task at hand over more collaborative interiors for meetings or brainstorming sessions to spatial contexts where we can touch down in-between meetings.

    At Muuto, we seek to create contemporary quiet and touchdown spaces as well as spaces for co-working and desk sharing with our extensive collection that brings flexibility and agility into daily worklife alongside familiar feelings of home, making us feel intuitively at ease and focused while working.

    Touchdown & Quiet Space

    The modern workday is one of continuous movement, going from solo work through collaborative sessions to formal meetings. This fosters a need for quiet spaces that allow us to withdraw for a minute, take a breather or work in a focused solitude. Alongside these are touchdown spaces where we engage with colleagues for an informal chat or prepare for the next meeting.
    Our collection offers an ease through familiarity with soft seating across lounging chairs and highback sofas for a short break or to be seated in while pulling up a side table for a comfortable working position. Alongside these are modern tables and high tables with accompanying chairs and bar stools that tie the setting together while making for an informal, relaxed work context.
    • Outline Highback 2-Seater H45 Vidar 222, Vidar 363, Relate Side Table, Echo Pouf, Rime Pendant Black

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    Desk Sharing & Co-working

    For many, the workday has gone from static to dynamic — no longer being seated at the same desk but working in larger co-working spaces or desk sharing communities, simply because the work of today can be done from anywhere. However, for this to work to the utmost degree, the spaces must foster efficiency and creativity while fulfilling the functional needs of the workday.
    Our collection of designs are defined by their ability to bring feelings of home to any space through warmly inviting materials and textiles, complimented by our range of lighting and accessories that tie the room together. This way, you can create spaces that lend a personal touch to the workday of many, making them feel intuitively at home in a seat that might as well be someone else’s tomorrow—all the while tailoring the designs to the space’s individual needs in terms of size, aesthetics and functionality.

    Get Create with the Linear System Series Planner

    The Linear System Series Planner allows for you to explore the extensive possibilities of the design. Create the configuration that suits the aesthetic and functional needs of your project, customizing across tables, lighting designs, accessories and power solutions.

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    Home Office

    The home office is a refuge in our most private space where we seek to focus on the tasks at hand. It’s where we can zoom in on things that need taking care of, find a focused comfort and get things done in our own little sphere.
    With our collection of new perspectives, you can create a home office that echoes the feelings of the other rooms in your home through designs that fulfill the functional needs of a work environment yet echoes the aesthetic feelings of home. Use our functional storage designs throughout the day, adjust your chair to your desired height and add a touch of unique atmosphere through our lighting and accessories.

    Explore Our Planning Ideas

    We have created an extensive selection of pre-designed planning ideas that serve the functional and aesthetic needs of a multitude of spaces. Simply load the CAD files directly into your spatial planning program, whether it be pCon.Planner (with OMFL data), Sketchup or Rhino to find the perfect solution for your project.


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