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    Want to see your favorite Muuto piece in your space before you make it yours? With our AR tool, you can do just that.

    Simply use the configurator to customize your chosen piece by playing around with materials, trying out different colors and perhaps changing the legs. Then proceed to the AR tool to see a movable 3D image of your design in your room.

    1. Choose a design family
    To get started, choose your favorite design family. This allows you to proceed to the selection of models you can customize.
    2. Pick a model
    Each design family has a wide range of models to choose from. Select your favorite to proceed to the configurator tool, where you can get creative with materials, legs and colors.
    3. Make it yours
    The configurator tool allows you to try out all the materials and colors you like and view your favorite piece up close from all angles. To save a design, simply right-click on the image.
    4. See it in your space
    Created a design you love? Proceed to the AR tool to try it out in your space. Using the feed from your camera, the augmented reality tool shows a movable 3D image of your design that matches the dimensions of your room, allowing you to see if it suits your space.

    Customized inspiration

    • Outline 3-Seater Refine Cognac/Black, Soft Side Table Solid Oak/Off-White, Wave Tray, Pebble Rug Pale Rose, Leaf Floor Lamp, Ridge Vase, Layer Cushion.
    • Outline-Refine-3-seater-pouf-pebble-airy-half-leaf-floor-muuto-org