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    Lighting Guide
    A simple guide to lighting
    Selecting the right light goes beyond mere brightness—it defines mood and purpose. The temperature of light, be it warm or cool, shapes how we perceive a space, influencing the ambiance and mood.
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    • Cover Side Chair in Stained Dark Brown in Black Refine Leather, Linear Steel Café Table Dark Green, Flow Trolley, Rime Wall Pendant.
    • Rime Wall Lamp in Black, Ridge Vase in Off-White
    • Fiber Side Chair w. White Swivel Base & Balder 432, 70/70 Table, Tip Lamp Folded Shelves, Post Wall Lamp
    • Post Wall Lamp
    • Rime Wall Lamp in Orange


    Wall Lamps

    Providing elegant lighting when reading a book in bed or bringing an inviting sentiment to a hallway, living room or kitchen.

    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective