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    Cover Armchair in Stained Dark Brown, 70/70 Table Stained Dark Brown/Sand, Strand Pendant Closed Ø60, Flow Trolley 2-Layer in Grey
    Thomas Bentzen
    The Cover Chair Family

    Referencing the values of honest craftsmanship and Scandinavian materiality, the Cover Chair Family is an elegant perspective on the timeless wooden chair. With its curved backrest and folded covers, the Cover Chair Family explores the possibilites of wooden veneer, paired with a deep comfort, modern expression and base in solid wood. Echoing the seamless appearance of the chair, it features no visible screws for a simple touch.

    The Cover Chair Family without upholstery is EU Ecolabel Certified. By carrying the EU Ecolabel Certification, the product is guaranteed to have a reduced environmental impact throughout the total lifecycle of the product from raw material to disposal.

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    Discover the different and versatile typologies of the Cover Chair Family in contemporary settings.

    • Linear System Table Configuration 2 w. Black Linoleum, Linear Mounted Lamp in Black, Linear Table Lamp in Black, Cover Side Chair in Oak/Cognac Refine Leather, Outline Studio Sofa in Vidar 472
    • Cover Lounge Chair in Midnight Blue -  Soft Side Table H:40 45x45 cm in Off-White/Solid Oak - Enfold Low in Grey - Echo Pouf 42x62 cm in Divina 224
    • Cover Armchair in Dark Beige /Refine Leather Stone - 70/70 Table in Solid Oak - Corky Carafe & Glasses
    • Cover Side Chair in Stained Dark Brown in Black Refine Leather, Linear Steel Café Table Dark Green, Flow Trolley, Rime Wall Pendant.
    • Cover Side Chair in Stained Dark Brown & Black Refine Leather, Linear Steel Café Table 70x70 in Dark Green, Rime Wall Lamp in Orange
    Thomas Bentzen The Cover Chair Series is born from a desire to create a comfortable and contemporary chair in wood. I aimed for a crisp and vivid expression in the plywood while looking for a solid and grounded look in the frame and base of the design. Years of play and hard work in the making has resulted in a light, yet strong chair design that takes the material of veneer to its extreme.

    Thomas Bentzen

    Thomas Bentzen, former designer at Louise Campell Studio, started his own studio in 2010. He is the co-founder of the design collective REMOVE and his products have received international recognition at fairs and exhibitions all over the world.

    More designs by Thomas Bentzen



    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective