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    Ever wondered how a Muuto product would look in your home? With our AR tool, you can place sofas, Dots coathangers, poufs and alounge chair in your own home!

    Simply use the configurator to customize your chosen piece by playing around with materials, trying out different colors and perhaps changing the legs. Then proceed to the AR tool to see a movable 3D image of your design in your room.

    1. Choose a design family
    To get started, choose your favorite design family. This allows you to proceed to the selection of models you can customize.
    2. Pick a model
    Each design family has a wide range of models to choose from. Select your favorite to proceed to the configurator tool, where you can get creative with materials, legs and colors.
    3. Make it yours
    The configurator tool allows you to try out all the materials and colors you like and view your favorite piece up close from all angles. To save a design, simply right-click on the image.
    4. See it in your space
    Created a design you love? Proceed to the AR tool to try it out in your space. Using the feed from your camera, the augmented reality tool shows a movable 3D image of your design that matches the dimensions of your room, allowing you to see if it suits your space.
    • Outline 3-Seater Refine Cognac/Black, Soft Side Table Solid Oak/Off-White, Wave Tray, Pebble Rug Pale Rose, Leaf Floor Lamp, Ridge Vase, Layer Cushion.
    • Connect Soft 2-Seater Configuration 2 + Module I Rewool 718, Soft Side Table Dusty Green, Leaf Floor Lamp, Ply Rug Burnt Orange 240x170 cm.
    • Five Pouf Planum 271, Five Pouf Planum 711, Five Pouf Fiord 451, Five Pouf Steelcut Trio 205, Relate H60 Dark Green, Raise Ochre, Under The Bell Grey
    • Connect Soft Corner Configuration 3 Rewool 128, Workshop Coffee Table, Wave Tray, Pebble 200x300 cm Burnt Orange, Relate H60 cm Solid Oak/Off-White.
    • Connect Soft Module D + Module I Rewool 718, Connect Soft Cushion Rewool 718, Soft Side Table Dusty Green, Ambit Wall Taupe, Ply Rug Burnt Orange.
    • In Situ 2-Seater Configuration 2 Clay 12, Soft Side Table, Visu Lounge Steelcut 120/Stained Dark Brown, Ply Rug, Leaf Lamp
    • Echo Pouf in Vidar 542, Echo Pouf in Forest Nap 912, Echo Pouf in Forest Nap 992, Post Floor Lamp, Ridge Vase in Terracotta, Pebble Rug in Rose
    • Relate H60 Dark Green, Echo Pouf, Ply Rug Black/White, Outline Highback SH45 Chrome/Vidar 222
    • Soft Side Table Dusty Green Ø48 H40, Five Pouf Remix 123
    • Soft Side Table Dusty Green/Orange, Connect Steelcut Trio 426, Linear Table Lamp, Tub Jug
    • Connect Steelcut Trio 426, Relate H60 Solid Oak, Off-White Rime Pendant
    • Outline Sofa 3-Seater in Vidar 723 w. Aluminum Base, Around in Stained Dark Brown, Around in Dark Green, Strand Pendant Ø60, Flow Trolley
    • Outline Sofa Highback 1-Seater in Twill Weave 230, Outline Highback 2-Seater in Twill Weave 530, Around Small Light Blue, Around Large Dark Green, Relate Off-White, Rime Pendant in White, Tub Jug in Dark Green
    • Outline Sofa in Vidar 723 w. Aluminum Base
    • Connect Soft Module I Rewool 718, Kink Light Blue, Leaf Floor Lamp Copper Brown, Ply Rug Burnt Orange.
    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective