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    Meet the Designer


    ANDREAS BERGSAKER is a Norwegian designer based in Copenhagen. Since graduating with a master’s degree in Product Design from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, he has gone on to design objects concerned with the ideas of everyday functionality. With designs that are made to last, Bergsaker places emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and tactile qualities, laying the foundation that allows individual attachment and social interaction to surround the objects.
    On his Focus Lamp for Muuto Andreas Bergsaker Focus is an everyday object with a sculptural appeal and simple function: it's a lamp and pedestal where you can place and highlight your personal objects. Working with its visual expression and delicate dimensions, I wanted to give the lamp a unique personality within an embracing and protective nature. The emphasis is on the pedestal along with the objects placed on it—for this reason, all components are fixed in their positions. On a personal level, the cone of ambient light solved my seemingly eternal problem of constantly misplacing my keys.

    On Scandinavian design:

    "It is about realigning the production of domestic goods with the founding values of Scandinavian design, bringing together the concerns of humanism, beauty, and simplicity into a contemporary manufacturing and cultural context. It’s appealing because it's been around just long enough to have influenced the way that we approach design. The movement has provided myself and many other young designers with an idiom and a venue for forward-looking, accessible designs."

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    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective