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    Leaning on Muuto's understanding of how design affects our well-being, the Brera apartment exhibition looked at spaces where art, architecture, design, and nature converge to create a stimulating interior – an atmosphere that pulls you in.

    Line Brockmann Juhl "Creating spaces that feel just right has always been what Muuto is about. In Milan, we are not as focused on a single product as on creating evocative atmospheres that move us on a deeper level. We hope to inspire us all to be more intentional about the space where we spend most of our time – our home." , says Line Brockmann Juhl, CMO at Muuto

    Today, our approach to designing spaces is driven by five guiding principles of neuroaesthetics: Nature, Light, Form, Color, and Tactility—while remaining open to further expansion and refinement as the field evolves.

    In Milan, the six rooms in the Muuto Apartment presented an updated vision of the Muuto home, focusing not solely on a single product or neuroaesthetic principle but on creating evocative atmospheres that move us on a deeper level. This distinctive universe, mixing color, light, material, and tactility, inspires us to be more intentional about our homes.

    A play with light and repetition of elements—Room 1

    The conscious use of artificial and natural light profoundly impacts our perception and feelings within a space. Photographic art by Arthur Drooker captures the transformative quality of daylight, emphasizing the changing nature of a room throughout the day. Repetitive elements such as the Fine Wall/Ceiling and Suspension lamps, Arced Mirrors, and pillars contribute to an artistic atmosphere. Repetitive patterns can create a sense of rhythm and harmony, which are fundamental principles of beauty in both visual and auditory arts.

    Homey, welcoming and inviting—Room 2 


    Color profoundly affects our mood, creating a vibrant environment perfect for socializing. Muuto once again chose striking colors from Copenhagen-based surface design studio File Under Pop to create an optimistic, positive experience for each space—an invitation to sense how color affects our body and mind individually, all in the eye of the beholder. 

    Lively colors and art pieces heighten this room's energetic atmosphere, while the round shapes of the new Connect Modular sofa, Soft Coffee Table, and Rime Pendant Lamps open up the space, making it feel welcoming. Tactile curtains and a Milanese terrazzo floor enhance the inviting ambiance. 

    Meanwhile, Toronto-based designer Jamie Wolfond created Set Lamp for Muuto to inspire new, relatable ways of interacting with lighting. Taking visual cues from the screw thread, it intuitively tells us how to use it – enabling us to create our sense of space and invites us to touch it and engage with it due to its familiar reference.

    A space to unwind and relax—Room 3

    This room incorporates elements from nature, such as wood and plants, along with organic shapes and the comforting embrace of our lounge chairs. Scientific research has shown that natural environments help us feel calmer and reduce cortisol levels, promoting overall well-being. Embracing nature in our interiors can significantly enhance our mental state. In this space, the Fiber Lounge Armchairs, Doze Lounge Chairs Low Back, and Calm Wall Lamps seamlessly blend to create a balanced and calming atmosphere.

    Inviting shapes & refined colors—Room 4 


    Humans naturally gravitate towards smooth curves, which create a welcoming space. The rounded forms of the Midst Table, Cover Armchairs, and Strand Pendant Lamp enhance this room's inviting atmosphere. The Midst Table's round shape fosters intimacy, complemented by a refined color scheme that encourages calm and social interaction. 

    Vibrant green tones—Room 5 

    This room offers a vibrant setting with the Fiber Soft Armchair in green textiles, connecting the space to nature with bold Kelly Green walls. The new Earnest Extendable Table by John Tree serves as the heart of the home. It is a timeless, spacious, and inviting centerpiece made in solid oak, perfect for family gatherings and relaxed conversations.

    Such social interactions keep us healthy—they boost the immune system and trigger the release of oxytocin, a powerful neurotransmitter for bonding, social cohesion, and collective action.

    Soothing colors for concentrating & relaxing—Room 6 


    This room was designed as a functional space that combines a desk setting for focused work with ample office storage thanks to the Stacked Storage System and a secondary seating area with a Connect Soft Modular Sofa for relaxation. Task and ambient lighting work together to create a versatile environment conducive to concentration and relaxation. 

    If you're interested in experiencing the blend of Scandinavian design and Milanese warmth in the heart of Brera's district at Via Solferino 11, 3rd floor, you can make an appointment by clicking the link below. Please note that our new space caters to industry professionals, interior designers, and our valued partners and is by appointment only.

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