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    A Designer's
    Guide To
    A Sofa

    Choosing a sofa is an investment and can be a time-consuming process. Which features and functions should your sofa serve? Do you need it to serve your own, daily needs as well as being something that welcomes guests into your home, allowing for the design to be used in a multitude of settings? Here, the designers behind Muuto’s vast collection of sofas, Anderssen & Voll, speak on what to consider and look for when choosing a sofa.

    In 2011, Muuto introduced its first-ever sofa, designed by Norwegian-based design duo, Anderssen & Voll. Over the years, Muuto’s sofa collection has been growing extensively—both through product extensions as well as entirely new design families. Common for the sofas in the Muuto collection is that Oslo-based studio Anderssen & Voll are the designers behind each and every one of them.

    Starting by deciding on the right size for your sofa, one thing to consider is how easily the design will adapt to your existing interior landscape. Speaking on the size of the sofa, Anderssen & Voll say: “Since the sofa should serve as ‘the heart of your home’, it shouldn’t steal all the visual attention within the space but rather complement the atmosphere through its functional and aesthetic character."

    Once you have settled on the desired size of your sofa, narrow your search down to a general style. On that topic, Anderssen & Voll note: “The best place to begin the search is to consider which features and functions the sofa should serve—do you need it to be a sculptural, architectural element, a timeless yet elegant piece or perhaps a large and welcoming design?”, and continue: “… narrowed down, the sofa should be aesthetically pleasing, in line with your personal style while having the formal features and functions that you need within the given space."

    Having chosen the aesthetic direction for your sofa, the choice of upholstery comes in handy—should it be upholstered in a classic and colorful textile version or in an elegant, timeless leather version? Speaking on the selecting of upholstery, Anderssen & Voll says: “Just like choosing the right sofa style, you should consider where the sofa will be used before choosing its upholstery. A woolen upholstery is a robust and durable textile while adding warmth and coziness to the design. Leather does not wear out, but ages well and develops a patina with wear and tear, giving the sofa a unique and timeless look. Narrowed down, what should influence the choice of upholstery is a combination of taste, lifestyle and use of space.”

    “When designing a sofa, we make use of two different approaches—the sofa is either designed as a sculptural object or as an architectural design piece”, Anderssen and Voll explain, and add: “The sofas we have designed for Muuto are quite different in their style and use of function with a sofa for every taste, need and space."

    The Oslo Sofa family has been designed as a sculptural and closed object, uniting geometric lines with a light form for the refined, comfortable lounging experience. The sophisticated shapes of the Oslo Sofa family are interpreted across a variety of forms, including a two and three-seater options, that bring a sculptural sentiment to any lounging area.

    The Outline Sofa family adds new perspectives to the classic Scandinavian design sofas of the 1960’s, marrying the ideals of simplicity and function into one. On the versatility of the design, Anderssen & Voll say: “The identity of the Outline Sofa is its unique functionality—it works well in both the small Studio version, the grand Corner version, and the Highback version. You can place the design in a grand living room or a small space apartment while having a sofa that is at once elegant yet timeless, whether it be upholstered in a colorful textile or the elegant leather rendition.”

    Looking towards the sofas that are designed with extensive comfort and residential needs in mind, the Rest Sofa is both roomy in its seat yet refined in its expression. With two and three-seater versions available for the design, the design adds a welcoming and warm appearance to any space. Here, the design maintains the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design through a sturdy, deep frame and seat, while its materials, such as solid oak legs and textile upholstery, making it a grand addition to your living room.

    With 11 different modules, the Connect Modular Sofa brings a modern perspective to the typology, allowing for its user to customize the sofa for their exact spatial and aesthetic needs. Designed with long, elegant lines, the Connect Modular Sofa’s details of its small feet underneath for a hovering, light sentiment alongside its pointy corners allow for the design to bring character to any space while complementing and enhancing its surroundings. The Connect Modular Sofa can be used for a deep, modern comfort in any home.

    The In Situ Modular Sofa is the latest member of sofas designed by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto. The sofa is designed from the idea of creating a grand, modular sofa that can be tailored to the individual space and taste of its user yet with its modular elements hidden through the subtle detailing of its steel frame, paired with a deep comfort and soft seat. On the visual aspect of the design, Anderssen & Voll add: “The In Situ Modular Sofa combines the grandeur of traditional Italian sofas with the refined simplicity of Scandinavian design, making it the heart of any space.”

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