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    Tip Floor Lamp in Black

    DESIGN —

    Visiting the studio of designer Jens Fager to uncover the thoughts and ideas behind his Tip Lamp Series for Muuto, combining subtle details with simple, modern lines for a friendly design.

    “The Tip Lamp Series are simple and friendly designs, characterized by their unique architectural silhouette with its angled shape, creating an asymmetrical light. I wanted to reduce the design to the essence of its purpose; creating something that was intuitively understandable and functional in daily life”, tells Jens Fager when asked about his inspiration for the Tip Lamp Series.

    Located in an old barn in the southern part of Sweden, Jens Fager’s design studio is a welcoming, bright space, lined with shelves of utility tools and the designer’s own design pieces.

    Speaking on his initial idea for the Tip Lamp Series, Fager says: “The idea for the identity of the Tip Lamp Series came through reduction—a reduction of the expression while creating a lasting impact. I wanted the design to be quiet and to achieve that sentiment all moving mechanical parts were reduced into a seamless, smooth sculptural form.”

    On his idea of translating the existing Tip Table Lamp into the new designs of the Tip Floor & Wall Lamp, Fager says: “Translating the Tip Table Lamp into new typologies allowed me to bring forward the unique characteristics of Tip even further: the Tip Table Lamp is designed for active situations, such as studying or working, while the Tip Floor Lamp is designed with a rotatable head and arm alongside a dimmer button positioned in the middle of its stem, allowing for the user to simply reach out their arm from a seated position to alter the volume of light emitted. As for the Tip Wall Lamp, the simple design easily fills any space with repeated light while also functioning as a reading lamp above the bed.”

    With their bodies in molded aluminum with a matte touch, the Tip Lamp Series feature a clean and precise look, highlighting their structural form: “The design is permeated by its caring surface, giving one a human presence and elegant tactility. Throughout the design process, I spent a lot of time polishing every single detail and combining them with the lamp’s inherent functionality. It’s a design that doesn’t necessarily shout for attention, but its great functionality will hopefully stand out,” says Fager and ends: “The idea of designing objects used by people all over the world in daily life is amazing. That’s what’s pushing me and my studio further.”

    The Tip Wall Lamp is available in four different colors: Grey, Black, White and Copper Brown while the Tip Floor Lamp is available in Grey, Black and White.

    Coil Coat Rack 60 cm Plum, Tip Wall Lamp Black, Workshop Chair Black.

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