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    Tip Table

    An interview with designer Jens Fager on his Tip Lamp design for Muuto.
    Muuto — How did the idea for the Tip Lamp come about?
    Fager — The initial idea for Tip came from the angled lampshade, lending the design its individualism and character. For the functional aspect, I wanted to reduce the number of moving mechanical parts; something that always turns out to be rather tricky and it prompted us to find the ideal proportions between the lamp’s height, angle and length for the perfect lighting surface.
    Muuto — Did Scandinavian design values influence the form of the design?
    Fager — The values were applied to the matter of solving the functions of the lamp. The approach was to give it a simple expression without neglecting the inviting form of the design.
    Muuto — What did you wish to achieve with the Tip Lamp?
    Fager — I wanted to create a lamp that was agile in daily life whilst bringing calmness and comfort to the room. It’s important to me that the usage of a design comes naturally, whether you’re adjusting the light or tilting the shade.
    Muuto — What was the process for the design like?
    Fager — We aimed to reduce the design to its aesthetic parts, putting screws and components aside for a smooth, balanced look. Achieving this took a lot of work but I think it grants the lamp a sense of longevity in its design.

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