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    a natural

    loft bar

    Visiting designer Thomas Bentzen in his Copenhagen studio to hear about the ideas that went into his Loft Bar Stool and how one translates a design across multiple forms.

    “Loft Bar Stool came as a natural extension of the original design,” says designer Thomas Bentzen, fiddling with one of the many 3D-printed models created throughout the design process. Adding a new member to the Loft family was something that Bentzen already had in mind when designing the Loft Chair: “Honestly, it just made sense for the design language of the chair to be translated into a bar stool. The form of Loft was ideal for it,” adds the designer.

    As with its chair counterpart, the Loft Bar Stool is a study in simple and honest design. Using materials as an aesthetic touch point, the Loft Bar Stool is created with careful attentions to details through contrasting materials: here, its solid, powder coated steel base is offset with a warm plywood, shaped to accustom the body of its user.

    Speaking on the qualities of the design, Bentzen notes: “Loft Bar Stool is a unique design in the sense that it combines a small footprint with a full seat and back, complemented by its combination of robustness and elegance for a characteristic expression.”

    “Translating the Loft Chair into a bar stool allowed me to bring forward the unique characteristics of Loft even further: The intersecting lines of the base, the contrasting thickness of the front and back legs along with all the small details throughout the design,” says Bentzen.

    Turning to his own design philosophy and its relation to the Loft Bar Stool, the designer ends: “I think what I wanted for the Loft Bar Stool was to add some ease and lightness to the design, achieved through the longer legs and contrasting materials. To me, Loft Bar Stool exists precisely at the intersection of Scandinavian and industrial design.”

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