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    A Sensuous Design — Pebble Rug

    Inspired by the sensuous feeling of walking across a pebbled stone beach, the Pebble Rug by Margrethe Odgaard brings a new perspective to textile design with its tactile character, unique expression and refined forms.

    “My work is driven by a continuous exploration of colors and patterns within the materiality of design”, says Margrethe Odgaard on her design philosophy. As a means of seeking to uncover how design can have a sensuous appeal in a positive, stimulating manner, Odgaard designed the Pebble Rug for Muuto.

    Being a loop rug with a physical character, Pebble Rug has an at once physical yet subdued character: “I wanted to create a rug that made people feel at home in its presence, almost inviting them to take off their shoes and walk across it barefooted—it was about creating a rug that felt right, both from a visual and tactile standpoint,” notes Odgaard.

    Pebble Rug is made from a canvas base layer in jute with friendly, woolen loops atop. On the materiality of the design, Odgaard remarks: “The idea was to use materials that activated the interplay of light within a space. By combining jute—a material that reflects light—with wool—being light absorbing—the Pebble Rug gets a modern and refined expression.”

    Looking towards the aspect of colors within Pebble Rug, Odgaard ends: “The jute has been dyed in colors that are derived from that of natural materials—Oregon pine, stone and oak—to interact and complement the surfaces of homes while the wool has been left undyed in its natural state to complement and enhance the color palette of the jute.”

    Pebble Rug is available in four colors—Burnt Orange, Light Grey, Pale Rose and Dark Grey—across two sizes of 170x240cm and 200x300cm.

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