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    a study in geometry — 70/70 table

    Designed with a simple expression and paired with a subtle yet unique silhouette through careful detailing, the 70/70 Table by TAF Studio is a study in geometric forms. Here, the founders of TAF Studio speak on their ideas and inspiration for the versatile design.

    Based in Stockholm, TAF Studio is a design and architecture studio, founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom. Since its inception in 2002, the studio has been exhibited at MoMa with its designs now being part of the permanent collections at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen.

    “The initial idea behind the 70/70 Table was brought to life after various directions that eventually led us to the concept of creating two disconnected frames—like two gables supporting each side of the table. The dimensions of the frames are 70 by 70 centimeters and ended up being the reference for the name of the design," Ståhlbom explains.

    Elaborating on the versatility of the design, Gustafson notes: “The intention with the design was to create a table that could complement a variety of spatial contexts, whether it being dining areas, workplaces, home offices or hospitality settings."

    Adding character to the design, the details of the 70/70 Table include its triangular base for a modern expression and the slanted edges of its tabletop, unveiling a wooden veneer for a warm touch. The design combines a slender tabletop made of plywood with either a linoleum, laminate or veneer surface, sitting atop a solid, angular frame.

    On the expression and sturdiness of the design, Ståhlbom adds: “We wanted to create a strong construction with a light expression—the V-shaped sections allow for the edges to be very thin while still having a sturdy construction.”

    Speaking on how the design reflects new perspectives on Scandinavian design, Ståhlbom says: “The combination of few, simple things shapes the new perspective—a unique expression mixed with a logic construction, which creates a sense of quality and longevity,” and ends: “We believe in working with quality materials that, when combined with visual aspects, have a long-lasting character—searching for an expression that was strong enough to make the design unique yet without becoming so trendy that you'd easily grow tired of it."

    Available in four different sizes and various frame colors, the latest addition being a Sand-colored base, the 70/70 Table adds a contemporary touch to any setting.

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