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    A Welcoming Design — Rest Series

    With its modern, embracing interpretation of a classic shape, Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll’s Rest Series adds a welcoming, soft look to any space while embodying the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design through its warm materials. Here, Anderssen & Voll speak on their ideas and thoughts behind the design processes of the Rest Series—a sofa designed from the inside out with a deep comfort, complemented by simple, friendly lines.

    “The Rest Sofa was one of the first furniture pieces in the Muuto collection—we aimed to capture the rounded friendliness that was very specific to Muuto in the early years and still today is an important part of the brand DNA”, tells Anderssen & Voll who established their eponymous studio in 2009. Both graduates from Oslo National Academy of Art, the duo have formerly been named Norwegian and Scandinavian designers of the year and have received numerous international awards.

    The Rest Series is available in various sizes and colors with many possibilities for customization. On the unique characteristics of the design, Anderssen & Voll explain: ”Rest is best characterized by the textile cover—loosely fitted to the generous and comfortable volume. We also put a lot of work into the wooden base which we think of as being very Scandinavian in its expression”.

    When asked about how new perspectives played into the ideation of the Rest Series, Anderssen & Voll notes: “To us, Rest represents a switch in our approach to designing sofas—from being very focused on finding a differentiating and precise silhouette of a defined shape to focusing more on the relationship between what we think of as the body of the sofa and the jacket of the sofa—the gesture of the surface—the tailored details”.

    On how the Rest Series is tied to the studio’s own design philosophy, the duo ends: “Our approach to making a sofa in 2019 is bound to be different than it was 10 years ago. The world is changing—our studio is changing, but we try to make things we would use ourselves at home—it is some sort of content test. If we do have a philosophy, it is presented in our work”.

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