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    agile silhouettes

    relate side table

    Being the first-ever design by Swiss design studio Big-Game for Muuto, the Relate Side Table is a simple and easy-to-use side table that carries a visual lightness in both its expression and function. Here, we visit the Lausanne studio of Big-Game to explore their thoughts on the design as well as hearing their ideas on how the functionality and versatility of the Relate Side Table is related to the modern workspace of today.

    “The idea behind the design was to create a simple, practical form for working, eating, playing and living around a sofa or pouf—the Relate Side Table serves as an easy companion for any low seating,” says Big-Game and adds: “The construction of the table is recognizably friendly through its graphic planes and sturdy base, reassuring the inherent strength of the design”.

    Big-Game is a design studio that was founded in 2004 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The studio has received a number of awards for its work within product and industrial design, including the Wallpaper Design Award and the Swiss Design Award. Speaking on how the Relate Side Table is tied to their design philosophy, the studio explains: “The work of Big-Game is often described as simple, functional and optimistic—characteristics that we believe pair well alongside the design with its simple silhouette, easy-to-read functionality and versatility bringing aesthetically functional touch to everyday life at work and in the home”.

    The Relate Side Table seeks to integrate the idea of creativity and collaboration into daily worklife with Big-Game considering the needs of today’s modern workplace: “The design blends in naturally with the areas of modern workplaces due to its extensive agility—it can be moved from one place to another in a split second, allowing for informal and spontaneous ways to evolve a lounge, work or home setting,” and ends: “We like the fact that work environments feel less and less like work environments so with the warmth, vibrancy, modern aesthetics and functionality of modern design being a contributing factor to this”

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