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    Archetypal Typology — Outline Daybed

    Talking to designers Anderssen & Voll about an archetypal typology and their latest new perspective: The Outline Daybed.

    “Back when we were design students, the daybed was always one of the things that we looked towards. I think this was due to its pared-down yet elegant presence that it could take in the room, paired with its simple construction: Four legs and a horizontal plane,” says designer Espen Voll of duo Anderssen & Voll on the daybed typology and adds: “It’s a simple solution for a multi-use furniture element—it can be a bed, a bench, a sofa, playground. The choice is yours.”

    Noting on the purpose of the daybed, designer Torbjørn Anderssen says: “It’s a reminder of the importance of taking moments of rest and let your thoughts wander, even during the day; almost like a flying carpet for your mind.”

    As the latest member of the Outline Sofa Family, the Outline Daybed is a visually light and elegant design with lots of comfort. Speaking on the design, Voll says: “We wanted to translate aspects of modern architecture into the design through juxtaposing elements. The Outline Daybed is created with understated yet characterful proportions for a simple and elegant look, complemented by its soft seat and slender legs. There’s a calm serenity about the Outline Daybed, having an inherent comfort alongside clean lines and a strong architectural presence, brought fourth by its overlapping forms that bring a refined touch to the expression of the design.

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