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    Introducing the Enfold Sideboard by Danish designer Thomas Bentzen, bringing the ideas of industrial storage into the modern home and workplace. We visited Bentzen’s studio to learn about the different steps involved in creating the sideboard, ranging from the initial idea over materials to the use of the design.

    The Idea

    "The initial ideas for the Enfold Sideboard came from my own workshop. I have this table with a steel base in a powder lacquer with a solid oak table top and I wanted to translate this materiality into the sideboard. It was about having a wooden surface that was outlined by metal, creating space atop to place and store things, combined with the obvious function of a sideboard for ordinary storage with shelves that could be placed across three different levels. By combining the materials of wood and metal, the Enfold Sideboard brings industrial references into the home and workplace."

    The Material

    "I’ve always been drawn to folded metal and the idea of transforming a flat sheet of steel into something more by tweaking its form. In the Enfold Sideboard, the folded steel gives it a high durability along with bringing the sentiment of industrial references into the design. Also, by punching and bending the sliding metal doors for a ridged look, the doors become more durable as they’re won’t wring or bend when using them.

    Combined with the metal is a solid, pure oak that with its warmth and friendliness might seem like an opposite to the cold metal. However, when placed together in the context of the sideboard, the two become complementing contrasts, bettering each other through their differences and shaping the expression of the Enfold Sideboard."

    The Process

    "A big part of bringing the Enfold Sideboard to life took place on the factory floor. The design has a complex structure with its bended, folded and punched steel that could only be developed on-site in the factory, working with those who knew the material the best. In that sense, the journey of the design came full circle as the Enfold Sideboard sprung from industrial workspaces."

    The Colors

    "I wanted to infuse the colors with that same feeling of industrial familiarity, referencing shades found throughout factory sites—black, grey, dusty green and sand yellow. The four colors all have a modern and refined sentiment to them, echoing the design of the Enfold Sideboard."

    The Use

    "I created the Enfold Sideboard from the idea of bringing the aesthetic of factories into the modern home and workplace. With its two sizes and shelves that can be placed across three different levels, the Enfold Sideboard can be used as a traditional storage unit, a decorative piece in the hallway with things placed atop or serve as your personal library, holding books and artifacts."

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