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    Contemporary Comfort

    Lounge Chair

    Exploring the concept of comfort and the Doze Lounge Chair through a studio visit to designers Anderssen & Voll in Oslo, Norway.

    "I think comfort is first and foremost about creating a sense of wellbeing," says Espen Voll of Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll. "We very much had the modern home in mind when designing the chair, making a comfortable seat that you could spend the whole evening in," adds Torbjørn Anderssen.

    Introduced as the first grand lounge chair by Muuto, the Doze Lounge Chair by Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll arose from a desire to create a design with a modern expression, referencing the ideas of Scandinavian design with hints of 1970’s design for a contemporary perspective on the archetypical lounge chair.

    On their ideas for Doze, the designers note: "Scandinavia has a long tradition of extensively comfortable lounge chairs; at the heart of our design heritage lies the versatile concept of comfort. As such, the idea of creating a grand lounge chair came very natural to us," and add: "It has a contemporary expression through the vibrant lines and folds of its large back and armrests, giving personality to the design alongside added comfort and shelter for its user."

    "The visual references of the Doze Lounge Chair take their origin in the modern and clear lines of the Golden Age in Danish design, while at the same time being informed by some of our favorite designs of the 1970’s. To us, the characteristically large and sheltering back that embraces the soft seat creates a combination of that very Scandinavian design ethos and the lines of 1970’s objects in a way that we find truly refreshing," says Anderssen & Voll.

    With slender legs in embedded steel for a light, hovering expression, the Doze Lounge Chair translates the archetypical lounge chair into a new environment, enhancing the eclectic silhouette of the design. The Doze Ottoman can be added to the lounge chair, echoing the clear and contemporary lines of the Doze design, making a perfect addition to the lounge chair.

    The Doze Lounge Chair works well in spaces that serve the purpose of socializing, whether it be lounge areas, private homes or hospitality projects. Use the design on its own or pair it together with the Doze Ottoman for extensive comfort. Both the lounge chair and the ottoman are available in a range of textile upholsteries, allowing for customization to any home or professional space.

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