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    on the design Rhys Cooper “Starting out working by hand and slowly moving towards product design has imparted on me an intimate knowledge of the material and how things should go together.”

    With his first project for Muuto, he wanted to make something that feels intuitive and accessible — an everyday accessory for many. He jokes about wanting to make an object for the "mums and dads", adding that design should be "aesthetical, affordable and adaptable" to a number of environments.  

    Slightly obsessed with material extrusions, he took its visual character to solid wood, blending technology and craft. The result is a distinct sense of flow and sweeping motion.  

    “It is about the idea that meters and meters of a profile would come out of a molding or profiling machine, then cut into lengths and assembled to make up a whole object. I love how it is a language that easily translates to a variety of sizes.” 

    The design spun on that original concept, with elements such as a small shelf at its base added along the way. Some of its best features naturally came about by linking pieces together, highlighting the beautiful grain of the wood. It makes the organic pattern pop, emphasizing the transition between the two pieces. We see how it is put together, a nod to the maker.  

    “I don’t really think of my designs as minimalist, but I like how simple Arced Mirror is. That sort of deep chamfer that highlights the material, it's so subtle and tactile, while taking the edges really opens up the timber. It feels intuitively appealing.”

    For Arced Mirror, he works with his preferred medium — timber. The mirror’s frame is made from FSC™-certified (FSC-C028824) spruce wood, Cooper sees it as a universal material, one with wide-spread appreciation, warm and enjoyable. Each piece is its own. Choosing spruce therefore felt natural, a bridge between Scandinavia’s penchant for pine and Australian design tradition, where Oregon pine is a prominent material for interiors and everyday objects.  

    “Spruce is a great material for a mirror, because it isn’t a high-traffic item with a lot of wear and tear, like a chair or dining table. Essentially, it is a wall accessory, so you don’t need to use hardwood. It is a fast-growing material better in terms of sustainable forestry for furniture.”

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    Arced Mirror is treated with an oil-based wood stain, available in three distinct colors: Light Grey, Light Green, and Light Lilac. Softwoods like spruce also take color stains particularly well, making the grain more pronounced while adding a layer of depth to the curves of the mirror.

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