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    elevated subtleties — raise glass & carafe

    The Raise Glass & Carafe by Swedish design duo Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle are inspired by modernist still life paintings, interpreted through contemporary shapes and colors for an inviting expression that encourages interaction when in use.
    Here, we pay a visit to the duo’s studio in the Kungsholmen area of Stockholm to hear about how they started working together, their design approach and how the idea for the Raise Glass & Carafe initially arose.

    Broberg and Ridderstråle first met at Konstfack, a university for arts, crafts and design in Stockholm. There, the two quickly bonded over a shared allure for design, prompting them to work together throughout their school years, all the way up to collaborating on their final exam after which they decided to establish their eponymous office for design and architecture.

    Having worked together for more than 15 years, the duo is finely attuned in their shared design approach, one that more often than not results in design that has feelings akin to those of a still life paintings, something that is echoed in the Raise Carafe & Glasses: “Their shapes are rooted in the objects of still life paintings being at once generic yet intriguing; having a unique identity through being visually silent yet full of life. It allowed us to discover a balance in shapes that complements the changing occasions of daily life.”

    Having a form language that nods towards ancient architecture yet with a current scope, the Raise Carafe & Glasses breathe a subtle elegance into daily life, paired with the understated functionality of the carafe’s neck shape and the small heel of the glass, allowing for an easier grip while giving visual character to the objects.

    Speaking on their approach to design and how it relates to Raise, the duo says: “We strive to keep an open perspective within each project, refraining from clinging onto a specific principle or way of thinking. However, if we were to describe our design approach, it’d be something along the lines of emotional minimalism, paired with a rational approach and a tiny bit of curious wit,” says Broberg to which Ridderstråle adds: “Focal to everything that we do is that it relates to its surroundings, which prompts us to view each project from a somewhat architectural approach.”

    Designed in three different colors, the Raise Carafe & Glass are created to complement each other when combined, being at once balanced and daring. In closing, the duo says (nearly) in unison: “We want for Raise to be a silent yet clear element throughout life, be it in the everyday or for special occasions; being the natural choice for each through its pleasing of the eye, taste and hand, seeking to be a new perspective through its humble interpretation of traditional shapes and function.”

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