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    Cover Armchair

    Echoing the values of honest craftsmanship and Scandinavian materiality, the Cover Armchair by designer Thomas Bentzen brings a new perspective to the archetypal armrest chair. Here, we explore the making of the Cover Armchair and hear thoughts of Bentzen on the design.

    "The Cover Chair came from a desire to create a comfortable, contemporary armchair in wood, a material that is integral to the Scandinavian design heritage," says designer Thomas Bentzen and adds: "It was important to me that the chair had a modern outlook, achieved through its curved backrest and folded covers, along with a sturdy base in solid wood."

    Wood is a material that can be traced throughout the heritage of Scandinavian design. For the Cover Armchair, Bentzen sought to tinker with the conventional ways of the material for a new perspective: "The backrest is made in molded veneer to create a grand comfort for your body, while the frame is made from solid wood," the designer notes.

    "Though the Cover Armchair has a solid and grounded appearance, it is surprisingly light, making for an interesting contrast," remarks Bentzen. Taking its name from the form-pressed wooden covers of its armrest, the Cover Armchair brings refined craftsmanship into a new perspective on Scandinavian design: "Not only does it bring comfort to the thin plywood armrest; it also keeps it together and makes for a distinct, modern expression," he ends.

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