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    Industrially Modern

    Unfold Pendant Lamp

    The Unfold Pendant Lamp brings a new perspective to the archetypal industrial light through its silicone rubber, making for a playful and tactile design. Now, we're introducing it in three new colors: Burgundy, Clay Brown and Beige-Green. Wanting to learn more about the ideas for the design, we visited designers Form Us With Love in their Stockholm studio.

    How did you initially get the idea for the Unfold Pendant Lamp?

    We wanted to bring a new perspective on the archetypal industrial lamp without doing something that was visually crazy and noisy—it should be a simple and friendly design that’d work in different spaces and have a cozy, atmospheric light to any setting. Opting to explore materiality for the design, we sought one that both had a nice touch and would put a smile on people’s faces when they encountered the design; this is how the idea for the silicone rubber material come to be. Using this material also allowed us to fold the Unfold Pendant Lamp to half its size, allowing for environmentally-friendly shipping.

    What triggered the use of the silicone rubber?

    There’s an ambient warmth to the material and a tactile touch that gives it a matte yet refined surface.

    What was the design process for the Unfold Pendant Lamp like?

    The process was very much about joining the soft material of rubber with a design that is traditionally made in metal, figuring out the shape and details to get everything just right.

    What do you personally like the most about the design?

    That the Unfold Pendant Lamp adds something new to any home without using larger means—it’s very subtle and elegant in the room, serving the functional aesthetic of lighting, while being brought even more to life when felt and played with.

    How do you think the design is tied to Scandinavian design?

    It’s created from a rational approach, paired with a simple and straightforward approach to design. The Unfold Pendant Lamp strikes the balance between having no filler or fuzz at all and still having a certain degree of wittiness to it.

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