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    Intersecting Materiality

    Coat Hook

    Being the first-ever design by Swiss designer Dimitri Bähler for Muuto, the Attach Coat Hook brings a new perspective to the modern coat hook. With its contrasting round and square forms, the design combines industrial and Scandinavian materials. Here, we visit Dimitri Bähler to explore his ideas and expressions of the design along with the process of creating the Attach Coat Hook.

    Dimitri Bähler is an independent designer, based in Biel, Switzerland. After graduating from EXAL Lausanne and the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2010, Bähler founded his eponymous studio in 2014. Working from industrial design to unique pieces through installations, the elements of context, manufacturing process and functionality are key influences in his work.

    “The spontaneous approach is what I’m attracted to when creating a design—being a contrast in the simplicity of the different volumes, expressive textures and finishes of the material while travelling between these aspects," says Bähler on his work.

    Elaborating on the textures and finishes that appear within his work, Bähler notes: “It’s about the attraction towards the tactility of an object that is not only something that you see, but rather something that you interact with. I'm drawn to the contrasts and ideas of mixing practicality and the simplicity of volumes by playing with textures in a poetic way, whether it be through abstract or minimal shapes.”

    “The idea for the Attach Coat Hook came quite spontaneously by combining a cylinder shape with a rectangular one. At first, I used the wooden blocks and assembled them while looking for the right proportion for the design. The aluminum part allows the design to be staple and acting as a reference to industrial design while the wooden block hints toward traditional, Scandinavian materialities. It’s the meeting of volumes and materials that makes the Attach Coat Hook unique.”

    Speaking on how the design reflects new perspectives on Scandinavian design, Bähler adds: “For me, Scandinavian design has become somewhat of a new standard for product design. The Attach Coat Hook goes well with this idea since it’s quite a radical product yet playful with its intersecting materials,” and ends: “I find that there's a strong connection between Scandinavian and Swiss design with their immense attention to simplicity and functionality.”

    Made from oak and aluminum, colored with a PVD vacuum-treated surface, the Attach Coat Hook is available in four colors: Oak/Black, Oak/Aluminum, Oak/Rose and Oak/Dark Green.

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