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    Muuto is introducing water-based lacquer to a range of existing designs, including the Visu and Nerd Series as well as the wooden base of the Fiber Armchair & Side Chair. Water-based lacquer emits fewer chemicals than standard lacquers for healthier indoor climates while making for better working conditions in the production phase. To ensure the highest possible quality, the designs introduced in water-based lacquer have undergone several tests, including scratch and lacquer strength test as well as chip-test.

    Speaking on the water-based lacquer, Muuto Design Director Christian Grosen says: “We’re proud to introduce a water-based lacquer to our collection, developed specially for Muuto. The goal was to develop a one-component, environmentally-friendly water-based lacquer that would emit fewer chemicals than standard lacquers for better indoor climates while also making for better working conditions in the production phase.”

    Adding to this, several new colors of existing designs are also being introduced to our collection of new perspectives on Scandinavian design. The new colors have been carefully selected to further tell the design story of the Visu and Nerd Series.

    Speaking on the new colors, Grosen notes: “Color is at the heart of what we do at Muuto, allowing us to alter the expressions of our designs to complement a variety of settings across private and professional spaces. Through the new colors of the Visu and Nerd designs, new sentiments are added to their character.”

    The Nerd Series by German designer David Geckeler is introduced in Sand Yellow and Tan Rose, enhancing the vibrant and playful character of the Nerd Chair and Bar Stool while the color of Midnight Blue adds a sophisticated contrast to the contemporary expression of the Nerd Series.

    The Visu Series by Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen will be introduced in the colors of Dark Green, Midnight Blue and Sand enhancing the elegant lines of the Visu Chair while bringing a colorful, contemporary touch to the design while the color of Tan Rose adds a vibrant, bold touch for a playful expression to contrast the chair’s timeless design. The Visu Bar Stool will be introduced in the colors of Dark Green and Tan Rose.

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