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    Exploring the studio of Swedish designer Mattias Ståhlbom to learn about the E27 Pendant Lamp design.

    Standing in a studio space in the southern part of Stockholm’s Södermalm area is designer Mattias Ståhlbom, fiddling around with one of the new colors of his E27 Pendant Lamp for Muuto. On the ideas that led to the design, Ståhlbom says: “The design came to be in a stage of my life where I’d been moving around a lot to different apartments; mostly empty ones. However, they were never truly empty— there was always a naked, pure light bulb that shone a pragmatic light into the room.”

    Elaborating on how the impression of naked bulbs in empty spaces formed the idea for the E27 Pendant Lamp, Ståhlbom continues: “There was something humbling and romantic about it; everything being empty and undone in a positive way. I wanted to translate those emotions into a more structured and permanent setting.”

    An element that makes the E27 Pendant Lamp unique is its socket, made in a silicone rubber material, bringing a new perspective to the naked bulb: “The design takes a lot of references from electrical equipment and while exploring various materials, I discovered how the soft rubber socket played an interesting contrast to the hard glass of the bulb and gave the design a simple and modern expression. There’s a certain industrial simplicity to it that at once stands out on its own while complementing the atmosphere of a room.”

    In 2018, the E27 Pendant Lamp can celebrate its 10-year anniversary, being a true Muuto icon in 18 various shades, among these four new ones that we’re proud to introduce: Beige-Green, Burgundy, Clay Brown and Pale Blue.

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