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    Beam Lamp

    Bringing new perspectives to modern lighting is the Beam Lamp by emerging Canadian designer Tom Chung, a design with two sources of light, one in each end of a cylinder shape, that can be altered in volume and light intensity through its turnable dimming switch for a poetic sentiment and high user-friendliness. Join us for a visit to Chung’s studio to learn more about his design philosophy and the ideas of the Beam Lamp.

    “My approach to design is driven by the human experience of space,” says designer Tom Chung, seated in his Toronto studio. Striving to combine contemporary culture with industrial references in his work, Chung established his eponymous studio in 2016.

    On his Beam Lamp for Muuto, being one of the first designs from the hand of Chung, he notes: “The idea for the Beam Lamp came while renovating my childhood home. I had made a shelf to use as divider between the hallway and living room and needed a lamp that could at once throw light out into the living room and down the hallway.”

    Being a modernly functional design, the Beam Lamp emits light from both ends of an angled cylinder shape. The design allows the user to gradually change the amount of light shone from each end across three different light intensities, all by the click and turn of a playful dial: “The idea was to give as many possibilities for lighting control as possible while offering a poetic and interactive experience of light, travelling through a shape,” says Chung on the design that also features a rotational base.

    When asked about how new perspectives played into the ideation of the Beam Lamp, Chung ends: “To me, the design of today must embrace the connected world that we live in while using its underlying values to improve our interaction with the objects that we surround ourselves with. Allowing the user to control the light of the Beam Lamp to the utmost extent is something that can influence human comfort for the better, affecting how we feel within a space while emphasizing the playful and friendly nature of the design.”

    The Beam Lamp is available in four colors—Umber, Green, Aluminum and Black.

    Imagery by Lauren Kolyn.

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