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    Modular Simplicity—Post Lamp Series

    Modular Simplicity — Post Lamp Series

    Exploring the concept and functionality of the Post Lamp Series through a studio visit to designer, Rachel Griffin of Earnest Studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    “When I start a project, I tend to start with the material or a mechanical principle. Then I spend time sketching around it, making models around it; trying to find the best home for that principle,” says designer Rachel Griffin of Earnest Studio and adds: “Simplicity and flexibility is really important to me, so that a lot of the products that I make end up being modular, because they give you more opportunity for movement.”

    Designed with a sculptural expression, simple lines and refined finish, the Post Lamp Series represents a new perspective through its graphic character and forward-thinking functionality.

    On her ideas for the Post Lamp Series, Griffin notes: “The idea for the Post Lamp Series came from an exploration of different flexible joints. I was looking at different ways that you could joint parts together where it would still allow for movement,” and adds: “I’d done a previous project with magnets and realized it was hyperflexible; that when paired with a steel component, you could position something anywhere and any way that you wanted.”

    “What I like the most about the Post Lamp Series is its flexibility. You have something simple and minimal, but because of its flexibility and how you can arrange it, each piece gets a unique character; a unique composition,” Griffin notes.

    The Post Lamp Series is an innovative lighting design with an archetypal appearance, graphic character and forward-thinking functionalities. Exploring the utmost flexibility of a magnetic joint, the user can position, dim and turn each lighting unit of the design according to individual needs.

    Both lighting units of the Post Floor Lamp are plugged into a power hub with a central on-off switch that can turn all connected lighting units on and off at the same time, while each lighting unit can also be switched off individually. Using magnetic cable drops, the cord from each lighting unit can be attached to the base. If desired, the user can add an additional lighting unit to the design.

    The Post Wall Lamp echoes the forward-thinking functionality and graphic expression of its floor counterpart while being applied through magnetism onto a wall-mounted metal bracket. Here, the user can turn the lighting unit around a 360° angle as well as adjusting the light intensity up and down through a subtle touch on the unit.

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