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    Dedicate Lamp is based on the classic architect’s lamp I know from my childhood bedroom and my days as a student. like many Danes. A head with two arms and a couple of springs that could move freely. My interpretation builds on that typology, adapting it to today’s needs and a petite LED light source. 

     Five years in the making, he has spent a lot of time considering what good work light means: a uniform and even light that fits the task you are performing. The lamp is a tool to be reached for where and when you need it.  

    on the design Thomas Bentzen “For me, it is all about movement – creating a fluid movement when leading the light to where you want it to be. That it should feel stable and robust, and stay in its place. The movement is what enables you to control the light” 

    He was inspired by moving things in the real world, the fluid motion of cranes and excavators. Objects that are constantly exposed to the push and pull. Reflecting that curiosity about how things actually work, the designer made a point out of not concealing the mechanics behind the lamp but rather celebrating them. That way, we can intuitively make sense of how it works and why, about the gravity and forces at work. It is a tribute to the original.  

    On the details Thomas Bentzen “The devil is in the details. Something as basic as joints and the springs are the most important components in the Dedicate Lamp”

    Designing the head was a real challenge, getting the balance between function and form just right, without losing track of the original idea. Big enough to hold a replaceable light source and give good glare-free work light, but good to grab and move. Manufactured in die-casted powder coated aluminum, its subtle ribs and grooves lead heat away from the head while improving the grip. 

    The Dedicate Lamp is not only a lamp, but a whole system. Built from the same elements, it comes in three models with different functions and lengths; L2, S2 and S1. Combined with the option of four different bases—Table Clamp, Wall Mount, Table Pin and Table Base—the versatile lighting series offers a unique sense of agency and flexibility.  

    Dedicate lamp family Thomas Bentzen “The family of lamps we have created covers just about any need. Each version is super functional but fills different functions”
    On all sizes Thomas Bentzen “The largest version enables you to have absolute control of the light, perfect for the work desk. A more compact option, I see the medium size being used in the study or a child’s playroom, while the smallest version is a clever solution for the bedside table or kitchen wall”

    Flexible in use, function and size, it embodies and updates the heritage for modern life and work, taking it beyond its original setting. It is not only a professional lamp that meets the standards of an office, but makes just as much sense at home - enabling you to dedicate yourself completely to the task ahead, be it writing, drawing or cooking.  

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