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    Sculpted Comfort — Oslo Counter & Bar Stool

    Exploring the elegant lines and contemporary expression of the Oslo Counter & Bar Stool by Anderssen & Voll.

    "With the Oslo Counter & Bar Stool, we wanted to create a design that had a contemporary and elegant appearance, joined by extensive comfort. Its smooth, embracing curves makes the design both inviting and sculptural while the slender legs make for an elevated and refined look," says designers Anderssen & Voll in their Oslo studio, speaking on the latest addition to the Oslo Family. 

    As with its chair counterpart, the Oslo Counter & Bar Stool by Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll enhances its contemporary and elegant appearance through its sculptural lines and enveloping back. With gentle shapes and an upholstered, soft seat, the Oslo Counter & Bar Stool allows for the user to be seated comfortably while allowing to be so at multiple angles, thanks to its curved edges and slender footrest for additional comfort and movability.

    Eloborating on the design, Anderssen & Voll says: "The Oslo Counter & Bar Stool creates a new perspective on the traditional form with its rounded softness and gentle curves—a friendly design with modern yet long-lasting expressions." With its inviting and sculptural silhouette, the Oslo Counter & Bar Stool is appealing on its own, in pairs or in formations—whether it be in a refined home setting, restaurant bar area or workspace.

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