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    The Strand Pendant Lamp is made by spraying a steel-structure with a Cocoon material originally developed as a sort of weather-resistant skin protecting metal products and surfaces from corrosion and the elements when shipped by sea. The unique spray-on method makes it easy to use on small as well as monumental objects, such as turbines and cargo ships. 

    The Cocoon material was first used to make lamps and smaller objects in the 1960s through a mechanical process that made it possible to spin a steel grid in the material, much like a silkworm spins a cocoon of raw silk around itself. 

    British designer Benjamin Hubert follows in these footsteps with the Strand Pendant Lamp. The name Strand refers to the way the design consists of many microscopic threads that together form a complex, compelling structure, giving the design a distinct visual identity and an unparalleled quality of light. 

    The Cocoon material gently filters the light, giving the room a warm, comfortable glow. The soft rotation symmetry and soft external expression of the Strand Pendant series is a direct result of the material’s properties and application. It gives a sense of spatial lightness—as if hovering mid-air—bringing a distinct warmth and ease to any setting. 

    "The Strand Pendant Lamp is formed from a sprayed cocoon material with its cloud-like appearance that tightly clings to a spinning steel frame. It consists of tiny strands for a complex, intriguing structure that shrouds the light source while acting as its diffuser."

    Benjamin Hubert

    The wire structure of the frame can be seen when the light is lit, treading more into the foreground and enhancing the graphic expression of the design.

    Strand’s name refers to the way the design is made up of endless tiny strands that together form a complex and compelling structure. It gives the lamp a unique visual identity and an unparalleled quality of light. 

    Designed in various sizes and shapes—three open and three closed—the Strand Pendant Lamp provides both fully and partially diffused lighting with the option of direct light.

    The design can be used separately, in clusters and in imaginative formations, be it in a dining area, hallway, lobby or living room.

    • Connect Soft Modular Sofa 3-Seater Config. 1 Ecriture 780, Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 in 1 Plain 1 Wavy Sand/Oak, Wrap Lounge Chair in Grey/Hero 732, Strand Pendant Ø60 cm, Echo Pouf in Vidar 542, Pebble Rug 170x240 in Burnt Orange
    • Fiber Side Chair in Grey - Base Table 250x90 in Oak Veneer - Strand Pendant Lamp - Ridge Vase in H16,5 - Raise Dark Blue - Halves Side Table - Flow Trolley

    strand pendant lamp

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