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    Ambit Lamp

    Embodying the values of Scandinavian design, the Ambit Lamp Series is as timeless as it is contemporary. Here, Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom of TAF Studio speak on their ideas and inspiration for the growing Ambit family.

    “With the Ambit Lamp Series, our main focus was the shape of the design. We found it interesting to combine a soft and round shape with a sharp and triangular form—the triangular shape meets the cord in a natural way at the top and opens up to give light at the bottom,” Ståhlbom explains.

    Based in Stockholm, TAF Studio is a design and architecture studio founded by Gustafson and Ståhlbom. Since its foundation in 2002, the studio has been exhibited at MoMa and its designs are now part of the permanent collections of Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen.

    “Starting by turning the geometry of the design into a three-dimensional form, we wanted to find a silhouette that could work in multiple spatial contexts whether it be in any room of a home, office, commercial space or hospitality project,” notes Gustafson.

    When asked about their attraction to shapes, Ståhlbom says: “What attracts us to shapes often differs as it depends on its context as well as its materiality, colors and texture”, and adds: “You can find numerous shapes in nature yet bringing them into a specific context is what gives the shape its meaning—like creating a lamp out of a shape.”

    Made of hand-spun aluminum that has been hand-painted, the Ambit Lamp Series consists of a variety of lighting designs, available in various sizes and colors—spanning from the classic pendant lamp over the rail lamp to the series’ newest addition, the Ambit Wall Lamp.

    On the expression of the Ambit Wall Lamp, TAF Studio notes: “Since the lamp is hanging on the wall, while providing direct lighting, something that we found interesting to reference was the construction of bike frames. Adding to that is the enhanced functionality of the design; the lampshade can be turned 60 degrees to either side as well as the swing arm being adjustable around an axis of 120 degrees from the wall bracket—allowing for the user to adjust the lamp in various angles for a comfortable direct, reading or ambient light”, and ends: “With the Ambit Lamp Series as well as our work as whole, we seek to make ordinary life less so through subtle yet effective changes in how products appear and function.”

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