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    Big-Game is a design studio created in 2004 by Augustin Scott de Martinville, Elric Petit and Grégoire Jeanmonod based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    “We started working together when we graduated from school 19 years ago — we shared the same taste for simplicity and had the ambition of designing everyday objects. Things that are useful, affordable, and that make everyday life more beautiful and enjoyable. Objects that everyone can understand and enjoy.”, says Augustin of Big-Game.

    "The Top Pendant series is playing with the archetypal lamp – like a children’s drawing – a hanging, conical light shade. A classic that has been around probably since more than a hundred years ago.”


    With their take on a lamp traditionally manufactured with an E27 bulb in mind, Big-Game reimagines a classic for the future with LED.

    “The latest revolution in the field of lighting comes from highly efficient LED light bulbs that also give a warm and enjoyable light. We wanted to redesign the archetype that we all love, but make it perfectly adapted to the latest, most efficient technology. The result is something modern, but at the same time look familiar and reassuring.”, says Grégoire of Big-Game.


    "Top Pendant’s glossy surface accentuates its form. Reflections emphasize its silhouette, making it pop in any room. Compared to a matte finish, the glossy surface gives most colors a more vivid, vibrant expression."


    Manufactured in spun steel with a graphic rolled hem, the Top Pendant Lamp Family is a versatile series that offers a vast range of opportunities and combinations across color, size and function.

    “We designed four shapes of cones, so they can fit different situations, from the very compact, to something with more presence. You want to be able to light up a cozy family dining table, but also above an energetic bistro counter. The sizes are different, but the angles also influence how the light works with the object. It can be more focused, or on the contrary light up a wider area.”, says Grégoire of Big-Game. 

    Named after its characteristic top, Top’s friendly yet precise design is made possible by a compact light source that blends in, becoming a part of the design itself.

    “The design has the part on the top in common that houses the light source and the technical component. It’s super compact, something that can only be achieved with new technology. Form follows function. But it also gives the lamps a family feeling with this distinctive detail.”, says Elric of Big-Game.

    Top pendant lamp

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