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    Color has been an integral part of everyday life for humans since forever. How one person sees a color is influenced by their cultural and social identity, making color an entirely subjective thing. Though our way of seeing color differs from person to person, the influence of color on our everyday lives is clear: The colors used within a room, be it on a wall, the textile of a sofa or the color of a table, affect how we feel, whether it be relaxed, energized, reflective, inspired or any other emotion. Therefore, color is a vital element to consider when decorating a room.
    Color Poster

    Consider the image below: A living room setting in a house that is characterized by its use of wood and concrete for a subtle expression. This sentiment is enhanced through the use of colors: The light blue hue of the Outline Sofa adding a contemporary yet understated dash to the room; the deep tones of Dark Green and Stained Dark Brown of the Around Coffee Tables that echo the refined feeling of the space; the contrast edges of the Ply Rug that add a minute touch of character when glancing down.

    Outline Sofa 3-Seater in Vidar 723 w. Aluminum Base, Around in Stained Dark Brown, Around in Dark Green, Strand Pendant Ø60, Flow Trolley

    If one is looking for a more vibrant sentiment without going fully overboard, employing the Dots Coat Hooks—available in Wood, Metal and Ceramic—in a multitude of colors and sizes allows for you to express your personal aesthetics onto the wall. Here, a dusty rose surface is offset by hues of Light Blue, Burnt Orange and Rose alongside smaller drops of metallic Dark Green.

    Dots Ceramic

    There is something curious in how we often work from the notion that working with color means using only colors that are considered colorful. However, a deep Dark Blue hue brings just as much character to a space as a vibrant yellow would, embodied here through the Flow Trolley, designed by Normal Studio.

    Flow Trolley 2-Layer Blue-Grey, Tip Floor Lamp in Black, Outline 3-Seater in Vidar 723 & Aluminum Base, Rhythm Throw in Dark Green

    Color should never feel like a commitment. Why? Because you can always change it over time. And if you’d like to slowly ease into it and dip your feet into the pool that is color, use the Kink Vase in Light Blue and fill it with a bouquet in colors that suit your space—it’s less work than painting a wall but will still infuse your room with colorful character.

    When combining different colors, a playful task can be to identify different shades that have the same depth and sentiment, allowing for them to complement one another within the space. Case in point: The Around Coffee Table by Thomas Bentzen, seen here in Light Blue and Dark Green.

    Around Small Light Blue, Around Large Dark Green, Post Floor Lamp, Kink Vase

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