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    Firstly introduced in 2014, the Fiber Chair designed by Iskos-Berlin was born from a wish to do a forward-thinking take on the archetypal shell chair. Now, we are excited to present the new generation of the Fiber Chair, designed from a conscious perspective and a wish to improve our environmental impact.

    We sat down with Iskos-Berlin to uncover their thoughts and ideas behind the iconic form of the Fiber Chair.

    Please note that the designs will be available in North America during 2024.
    Aleksej Iskos A very important aspect of design is the sculptural language, the shape of the object, the way it looks and how it feels.

    "If I had to describe the Fiber Chair with just one word it would probably be harmony. It is a harmony between aesthetics and comfort. Between modern and timeless. Between high-tech and tradition,” says Aleksej Iskos on the form of the Fiber Chair.

    On the innovative use of recycled plastic and wood fiber, Boris Berlin says: “Plastic is a wonderful material. It represents technological progress, but it also has its downsides. We wanted to make it better. We wanted to make plastic more aesthetic, more pleasantly tactile, and generally warmer and more human."

    The recycled plastic used in the Fiber Chair Family is sourced from post-industrial waste from the manufacturing of eyewear. The high-quality 100% recycled plastic has been reiforced with strength-imrpoving additives, that made it possible to recreate the Fiber Chair’s original strength and durability with the characteristic colors of the series.


    Boris Berlin When designing this chair, we were trying to do an impossible thing. To make a chair that is bigger inside than outside. So that it feels big when you sit but it does not take up much space in a room.

    The Fiber Chair has a clear sculptural language while refusing to compromise on comfort — a chair stripped of all unnecessary layers: "When you look at the outline of the chair you notice how one curve smoothly runs into the next curve the whole way around, making a perfect loop and it does not matter from which side you look at the chair - it is absolutely harmonious," remarks Iskos and ends: "The Fiber Chair’s combination of technology, a chosen sculptural language, well-measured comfort – all of this together makes this chair unique."

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