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    Muuto Holiday Image 2022 Kink Vase in Light Blue
    Holidays at Muuto


    A mainstay element in the holiday season is floral arrangements; be they dried flowers, fresh blooms or even things that we’ve found ourselves in nature. When making a floral arrangement, you can head off in a multitude of directions, making playful settings, serene compositions or warm decorations—you can do whatever you’d like, really.
    However, there are a few things that are useful to consider when making a flower decoration. To learn more about these, our Head of Spatial Design, Jill Sundqvist tells us about her approaches to holiday flower decorations.



    "Placement comes first: If the bouquet is to be placed on the dining table where you’ll be enjoying the holiday feast with friends and family, the bouquet can’t be that high as it’ll be in the way and disturb the view for your guests. Instead, make it lower in height to allow for interaction and conversation to unfold across the table."

    Ridge Vase 16,5 cm in Beige



    "I like combining colors that have a dark and rich hue to them with dashes of bold tones. One could be elements of varying reds and purples, joined by a touch of orange."



    "I’m always mixing and combining a lot, but I think I’ll be going with amaranthuses, anthuriums, ginger flowers, thistles and some heliconia. Sometimes I use branches too; it brings everything a bit more down to earth and has a more grounded expression."



    "I don’t think there’s any secret to it, but it helps to do things in a certain order. Start by choosing the vase that you’d like. From there, identify what colors you’d like to use and then choose your flowers from there, playing around with their varying heights for a full and rich bouquet. Oh, and don’t do more than 5 types of flowers; it can get a bit too messy."

    Kink Vase in Sand, Compile Bookend in Green-Beige

    vases for your holiday flower decorations

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