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    Ideas & Inspiration for the Home Office

    The worklife of today has become a dynamic force over the past year as we have discovered new ways of working, one of these being from the comfort of our own homes. However, working from home also poses a challenge: How can we decipher between being on and off work in one and the same place? And how do we avoid our personal life and our worklife meshing together into a blur? One way that the Muuto team has believed firmly in has been to create designated work settings throughout the home, allowing us to place ourselves in a dedicated work environment from which we can emerge at the end of the workday and return to the comfort of being, and feeling, at home.

    If you have a room that can be used for a home office, then great, but if not, do not fear; Create a desk setting that can also be placed in the corner or up against a wall in other rooms. Seen here is the enveloping comfort of the Fiber Armchair, designed with a height-adjustable swivel base with castors that allows for you to move freely around the room and adjust the chair to your exact needs. Joining the chair is the Workshop Table with a linoleum tabletop for a durably elegant perspective on a home office desk.

    Keeping our mind and space uncluttered is a vital part of working from home that allows us to focus on the work at hand. Use the Story Pinboard, designed by Swiss design studio Big-Game in 100% cork, to pin ideas, to-do’s or personal artefacts alongside storing pens and other stationary items.

    It is important for our intuitive senses to be stimulated and inspired while spending the workday from home. A way of doing this is working with color, both for the furniture and objects placed within the room but also the room itself.

    Consider which colors put you at ease and which bring energy into your day, then pair these with the sculpturally upholstered leather seat of the Fiber Side Chair and the 70/70 Table. Oh, and don’t forget to include a nice vase because vases are for flowers and flowers make us happy.

    Working from home often means bringing some of our tools from the workplace into our homes, be it a ton of documents, stationary objects, materials or any other element used throughout our workday. Here, it is vital that we can store these away easily at the end of the workday as opposed to them flowing around the home during off-hours. Enter the Stacked Storage System: Available both with and without doors in an array of sizes in five different colors, allowing you to create the exact configuration for your spatial and aesthetic needs.

    Staying on the topic of storage, our desk space can often become a mess with pens, tape rolls, paperclips and scissors flowing all over alongside documents, sketches and note pads. Use the Restore Tray, made using fibers from recycled plastic bottles for a new perspective on home office storage.

    One thing that is important to bear in mind throughout the workday is that different types of work require different contexts: You might spend half a day in the office chair, working away on a project, before moving into the living room for a conference call in the comforts of your couch. Seen here is the Connect Modular Sofa and the Relate Side Table, the latter allowing you to pull it up to the sofa whilst working for a temporary desk before moving it back to its place as a side table next to the sofa after use.

    Echoing a more refined sentiment is the Fiber Armchair in a Cognac Refine Leather upholstery, bringing added comfort and a touch of elegance into the workday at home. Use the Linear Table Lamp as a finishing touch with its clean lines, dimmable light and USB-C plug for charging your electronic devices.

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