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    Jennifer Hagler


    Introducing Living with Stacked—a series where we visit friends of Muuto in their homes to explore the interchangeable design of the Stacked Storage System and how it can re-configure with the ebb and flow of life.
    The home of interior designer, stylist and writer Jennifer Hagler is in constant transformation — a living space, or rather the playground where Jennifer constantly finds new ways of stretching the Stacked Storage System to its furthest capacities – room to room, home to home.

    Relocating to her current apartment in Boise, Idaho, a mere year and a half ago, Jennifer found herself relieved to be in a more compact space. Downsizing meant less to manage, allowing her to create a concentrated space where every object and detail resonates more profoundly. 

    Arranging and rearranging is an essential part of her process, at work and at home, where she experiments with composition, form, material and texture, incorporating objects both old and new. These move in and out of the space – some make their way onwards to her clients, others stay. A constant has been her Stacked Storage System, a trusty companion in her last homes. 

    jennifer hagler My initial configuration of Stacked has changed so many times over the years. All I know is that it has continued to evolve and adapt over and over, just as my surroundings and needs do.

    — Every few years my interior style goes through a bit of a metamorphosis. Lately, I've been inspired by mixing contemporary pieces with antique and second-hand furniture and objects with an inherent sense of history and patina. Layering and contrasting materials is very intriguing to me, creating subtle yet rich environments, marrying the modern with more classic interior styles. 

    Hagler is often surprised by how easily she can reshuffle the order of the minimal, straightforward design. The dimensions and flexible spacing of the boxes allow her to stretch Stacked to its furthest capacities – a media console in the living room, storage for her young son’s room or a display for books and trinkets – all with a sense of ease. 

    Jennifer’s Stacked configuration in Oak has earned a soft patina, now effortlessly housing lighting, glassware, cookbooks and bottles of wine in the dining room.

    jennifer hagler It can do so much. Functionally it is a sturdy piece that lets you intuitively build according to your own desire. Boxes can be turned on their side – raised for a tall lamp or lying down for a stack of magazines. It is equally attractive when filled to the brim as sparsely arranged with few objects.

    To discover more of Jennifer Hagler's work, click here!


    Please note that the configurations of the Stacked Storage Systems in this story are made entirely by Jennifer Hagler. It is highly recommended to use Stacked Clips on all modules to ensure safety and stability. Our Stacked Product Planner will guide you to build a stable configuration using Clips. 

    design your own stacked storage system

    *For the best possible experience when using our Product Planner, please access from a tablet device or computer.

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