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    Refined Tones
    of Stained
    Dark Brown

    With its deeply refined tone, our Stained Dark Brown hue infuses spaces with feelings of modern elegance. Created in an environmentally-friendly water-based lacquer, the Stained Dark Brown provides a gentle contrast to the existing colors within our universe while complementing the existing shades of the collection. Here, we explore the members within our world of new perspectives on Scandinavian design that boast the sophisticated color that is Stained Dark Brown.
    Cover Armchair in Stained Dark Brown, 70/70 Table in Stained Dark Brown/Sand, Strand Pendant Closed Ø60 cm, Flow Trolley 2-Layer in Grey

    With its embracing curves in form-pressed oak that echo the ideas of Scandinavian craftsmanship, the Cover Armchair by Thomas Bentzen is designed with a warm elegance that is enhanced by the Stained Dark Brown. The color allows for the inherent characteristics of oak to shine through while being complemented by a subtle refinement.

    Nerd Bar Stool 75 cm in Stained Dark Brown, Kink Vase in Light Blue

    Arguably being one of the quirkier and vibrant members of the Muuto collection, the Nerd Bar & Counter Stool has a characterful expression through the integration of its back and seat. This sentiment is pared down when combined with the shade of Stained Dark Brown, making for a design that is at once vibrant yet understated in its expression.

    Made in form-pressed oak veneer, the Visu Chair by Helsinki-based designer Mika Tolvanen brings simplicity redefined through gentle curves and elegant legs—throw the Stained Dark Brown color into the mix and you have an elegantly refined seat for any space of the modern home. The Counter & Bar Stool version of the Visu Chair is also available in the Stained Dark Brown color.

    Outline Sofa 3-Seater in Vidar 723 w. Aluminum Base, Around in Stained Dark Brown, Around in Dark Green, Strand Pendant Ø60, Flow Trolley

    Though the Stained Dark Brown has a very elegant and sophisticated sentiment, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the shade within more colorful and contemporary interiors. Quite the contrary, actually. Need proof on how to make contrasts complement one another? Look no further than this Outline Sofa in a vibrantly blue color that plays well up against the depth of the Around Coffee Table in Stained Dark Brown.

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