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    A Nerd


    A nerd can be many things but to us, it is those who head in new directions through a passionate and nerdy approach to their craft. Our Nerd Chair series by David Geckeler was designed from this idea of perceiving the nerd as a positive force of change—someone who shines through in their ways of creating new perspectives within their work. Wanting to explore this notion of the Nerd even further, we visited three creatives across the world to hear their thoughts on being a nerd, the first being graphic designer and art director Veronica Ditting.

    Being the art director of award-winning magazine The Gentlewoman along with creating visual direction through her editorially-driven approach for the likes of Hermés and White Cube, Ditting is considered at the forefront of art direction and graphic design within the editorial and creative realm.

    Though visual at heart, Ditting’s allure for graphic expression initially arose from being bilingual as she was born in Argentina and raised in Germany. Having this relationship to communication sparked a natural interest in Ditting as to how information could be emphasized through context. Noting on that, she says: “It was a natural interest that was present throughout my upbringing though it wasn’t until attending art school that its true potential actually revealed itself.”

    Being nerdy was something that sneaked up over time, mentions Ditting: “The more I explored my profession in depth, the more meticulous I became: being specific about even the smallest things such as office supplies and the hidden sentiments of a typeface to the overarching aspects of the ideas behind a concept and its strategy,” and adds: “Being nerdy about every singular element of a project allows me to create a visual expression that permeates its every level.”

    When asked about her own perspective on being a nerd, Ditting says: “To me, it’s having an ingrained awareness of each and every element of your work, layering and filtering them along the way. A person who holds a passionate dedication to even the smallest aspects of their work,” and end: “I find that being nerdy and being slightly obsessive often overlap—you can’t have one without the other. It allows you to revisit your work again and again to reach a point of satisfaction where you can appreciate and understand every tiny detail of the final design.”

    Click here to explore the work of Studio Veronica Ditting. You can also follow her on Instagram here.

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