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    Design Duo
    Davide Ronco &
    Pablo Dorigo
    for Ukurant
    Perspectives 2021

    In 2021, Muuto is supporting Ukurant, an exhibition platform and community for emerging designers with the ambition to facilitate and nurture future new perspectives on design. Sharing this ethos of new perspectives while striving to promote new ways of thinking and working in design, Muuto and Ukurant have an inherent desire to strengthen the position of today's emerging design talents, bridging the ideas and innovations of new generations with the established design scene.
    For Ukurant Perspectives 2021, design duo Davide Ronco and Pablo Dorigo have created pieces that explore the concept of negative space in the Muuto universe. The pieces can be experienced at both the Ukurant exhibition and the Muuto HQ during 3daysofdesign. Today, we visit the duo to see the work in progress and hear their thoughts behind the sculptural pieces.

    Scenes of the sculpting process and Ronco, 
    examining a piece that depicts the counterform of the Ambit Pendant Lamp.

    We met the duo outside of Ronco’s Copenhagen studio where they’re hard at work, working at sculpting the pieces for the Ukurant Perspectives 2021 exhibition. It’s a sunny day in the end of summer, meaning a perfect opportunity for working outside. They seem like they know what they’re doing as well, Ronco and Dorigo. After all, they’ve worked together for quite some time.

    Speaking on their collaboration, Ronco tells: “We met while studying our bachelor’s degrees in Venice and became friends then. After graduating, I went to Copenhagen to study ceramic design while Pablo went onto Lausanne and studied product design. However, Pablo relocated to Copenhagen in 2019 where our paths cross once more and we started collaborating from there.”

    Now, the duo looks ahead on the coming Ukurant Perspectives exhibition for 3daysofdesign 2021. When asked about their motivation to create pieces for Ukurant and Muuto, Dorigo ponders: “It was an occasion that allowed us to work at the exact intersection that is home to our collaboration—being in-between the spheres of contemporary art, design and craftsmanship. It allowed us to begin the process at a very specific and tangible point, being the Muuto universe, and then let our imagination loose from there.”

    Sculpted counterforms of the Stacked Storage
    System, Kink Vase and Ambit Pendant Lamp.

    Ronco also partook as an exhibiting designer in the first edition of Ukurant in 2020. On his participation then, he says: “We need innovative perspectives such as Ukurant to lead the way for new ways of thinking and working in the design field. In a world that can often seem too commercialized from afar, Ukurant’s holistic approach is crucial as it allows us all to discuss the status quo and raise the quality of design that is put out into the world.”

    Zooming in on the actual pieces and how they went about them, Dorigo explains: “We chose the Fiber Armchair, Kink Vase and Ambit Pendant Lamp as we found them to be easily recognizable while embodying the codes of Muuto. From there, we explored the counterforms of the designs; being the empty space surrounding each object. In that sense, the work represents the importance of the void that is present before a design is created—it’s like a hidden element that is invisible to the eye yet the very thing that breathes shape and form into the objects of daily life.”

    Plaster being poured into the Kink Vase as a means of exploring the negative space within the design.

    Before we leave the duo to power through with casting, sculpting and pondering on how best to depict the empty space that is found within our designs, we asked them what they find to be defining of a new perspective: “To us, a new perspective is something that is unexpected; a way of thinking that takes you out of your comfort zone and oversteps boundaries in a sense.”

    If you’d like to experience the outcome of Ronco and Dorigo’s work, they will be exhibited at both the Muuto HQ during 3daysofdesign alongside the Muuto collection as well as at the Ukurant Perspectives 2021 exhibition.

    Click here and here to follow Ronco and Dorigo’s work. 

    The Ukurant Perspectives 2021 Exhibition will be open from 16th to 26th of September 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

    Ukurant Perspectives 2021
    Amaliegade 38
    DK-1256 Copenhagen K

    Muuto HQ
    Østergade 36-38
    DK-1100 Copenhagen K

    Ukurant Perspectives

    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective