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    Muuto Project Case

    Avling Kitchen & Brewery

    Located in the quaint neighborhood of Leslieville in Toronto’s east side, Avling Kitchen & Brewery occupies a mid-century building initially constructed as a grocery store in 1949. Now, more than 70 years later, owner and founder of Avling, Max Meighen opened its doors to the space— reconstructed and rebuilt by Canadian-American architecture studio LAMAS. The project has been designed as an informal and welcoming space, using Muuto’s Loft and Bar Stools as key seating designs throughout.
    Inspired by Avling’s field to glass approach for the kitchen and brewery, the concept of the space has been to integrate the restaurant as four fields surrounding the central bar: “The areas are all part of the same space, though slightly different from each other, providing various atmospheres for the space—Seating is either on Loft Chairs or it’s on Loft Bar Stools at high tops. In the middle, the large bar surrounded by Loft Bar Stools unifies the entire space,” notes James Macgillivray of LAMAS.
    James Macgillivray Founder of LAMAS A brewery should get a lot of use and a relatively informal kind of use. More importantly, we wanted furniture that would be comfortable. Even if you’re stopping in for a pint, the chair or stool should be comfortable. Adding to this, the restaurant has a distinct approach to color with its steel structure painted in pink and its roof in green—the colors we chose for the Loft Chair and Stools: Dusty Green, Dusty Rose and White is a perfect fit with Avling.

    With its frame in powder coated steel that is offset by the soft plywood on seat and back, molded to embrace the user’s body, the Loft Series exemplifies an expression inspired by industrial design.

    Max Meighen Founder of Avling The archetypal brewery aesthetics often have an industrial feel while being quite open and airy—The Loft Chair and Bar Stool in Dusty Green, Dusty Rose and White is used throughout the space bringing in more wood and pastels to make the space feel more inviting and welcoming.
    “There is a similarity between the material palate of Avling and that of the Loft Chair and Bar Stool. We had an idea of adding wood frames to the building in order to break up the space. We designed custom millwork frames in oversize ash members lowering the ceiling, being the counterpoint to the pink steel structure. The design of the Loft Chair and Bar Stool has a similar composition of the material meeting and colors, making the design an ideal fit for Avling.” James Macgillivray – Founder of LAMAS

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