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    Muuto Project Case


    Exploring new perspectives on the modern workplace through Fellow Workspace and their 2000 m2 office space in Aarhus, Denmark, employing an extensive selection of Muuto designs as key components throughout.
    In 2020, Fellow Workspace opened the doors to its communal spaces that overlook the emerging harbor area of Aarhus, Denmark, designed to bring the ideas of creativity, collaboration and community into daily worklife. “We have created an office space that places Scandinavian design at its heart through elements of oak, tile, brass and their inherently warm characteristics, posing as elegant contrasts to the building’s core identity of raw concrete”, says Ulf Monrad Gaardsted, founder of Fellow Workspace.
    "Our selection of furniture reflects our Scandinavian heritage, opting for designs that are made in high-quality materials as well as in more vibrant colors than those one would normally encounter within an office space. The vibrancy and elegance of Muuto designs make for an appealing contrast to the roaring sea that is found just outside the window, infusing the space with a friendly warmth that allow for our members to be at ease throughout their workday," notes Gaardsted.
    Ulf Monrad Gaardsted Founder of Fellow Workspace To us, the Linear System Series represents the essence of the future office space and its needs for flexibility, providing an alternative to common stationary office spaces. With the Linear System Series, we’re able to interact as a community, doing brainstorm sessions and having lively conversations around the table while also serving as a room for focused work—all of it taking place around the same piece of furniture while encouraging collaboration and interaction.
    On how co-working and flexible workspaces will be designed in the future, Gaardsted ponders: “The importance of being able to focus on the core of your business while having flexible surroundings is something that has become increasingly more important in light of the pandemic. There’s no doubt that the office space as a whole will survive. However, companies have discovered that not everyone needs a fixed workplace for their employees and instead combining their domicile with other services. We believe that the workplace in the future will be considered more a service that is provided as opposed to simply a permanent piece of real estate."

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