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    Muuto Project Case

    PwC Offices

    Bringing new perspectives to the traditional ways of interacting with clients and co-workers, PwC Australia’s new state-of-the-art offices in Sydney and Melbourne are radically transforming how corporate workspaces can be designed by creating a customer-centric environment of co-creation, community and home-feeling. The project was undertaken in collaboration with interiors agency Futurespace, using a wide selection of Muuto designs as key components in the project.
    For the space, both PwC and Futurespace wanted to raise the bar as to how a company can engage with clients, creating a working environment that feels like home the second you enter it. By having an open and friendly setting, PwC are able to welcome clients into their ‘work home’ in a relaxed and easy fashion. As Peter Konidaris from PwC Melbourne explains, the emphasis was on creating spaces that encourages co-creation and collaboration, moving away from “a transactional mindset to a far more relational approach to how we engage with our clients. Here we can sit with our clients and have a bite to eat, introduce them to other clients and other people in the firm.”
    The idea of creating a feeling of home was integral to the selection of furniture for the space—these had to hold an intimate, modern expression while suiting the formal and ergonomic needs of a busy working environment. Here, Muuto designs go hand-in-hand with the surrounding environment, helping to set the vibe and atmosphere for the space while striking the balance of comfort and aesthetic presence required for the project.

    Across the whole project, Futurespace worked with different types of furniture for various settings: The use of lounge furniture in the open-area work spaces should encourage collaboration and free conversation. On the other hand, semi-private and private meeting settings begged for more formal designs to set the tone for discussions and problem-solving across the organization.

    Angela Ferguson Director, Futurespace There’s nothing else like this in Australia and I don’t think there will be for a long time because it has set a new bar for how organizations interact with their clients.

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