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    Muuto Project Case

    A House
    In The Park

    Placed in the heart of the Swedish city of Uppsala’s Botanical Gardens is its university, founded in 1477. Now, more than 500 years later, Uppsala University has opened its new building—Segerstedthuset— by architects 3XN and interior designers Indicum. Created from the idea of a house in the park, Segerstedthuset brings feelings of nature into the educational institution, using Muuto designs as key designs throughout.

    “The initial brief for Segerstedthuset was to bring the university together into one building, serving both its employees and students,” says Annika Sundås Larsson, Deputy Head of Division at Uppsala University. “We wanted everyone to feel naturally at home within the spaces that would be at the intersection of a public workplace and an educational institution”.

    Uppsala University’s Segerstedthuset is created by Danish architect firm 3XN from an organic approach, striving to bring the warmth of nature into its interiors; an idea that is echoed throughout the building’s structures, colors, materials and furnishings.
    KRISTIN ÖSTBERG CEO, Indicum Architects We wanted for Segerstedthuset to be a landmark in Uppsala; something modern with a high level of design and architecture that was long-lasting in its quality and aesthetics, relevant for years to come.
    With its design informed by the location of the university in the heart of Uppsala’s Botanical Gardens, Östberg and her team approached the interiors as if they were creating a house in the park, though bearing the dynamics of an educational institution and workplace in mind: “With Uppsala being the oldest university in Scandinavia, we wanted to bring new perspectives to its institutional legacy while fulfilling the needs of its daily users: Students, teachers and administrative workers.” - Kristin Östberg CEO, Indicum Architects
    KRISTIN ÖSTBERG CEO, Indicum Architects We chose to implement a lot of Muuto designs through furniture and lighting throughout the interiors. The modern as well as organic design language, paired with the color scheme and materials of Muuto designs, were a perfect match for Segerstedthuset. Furthermore, Muuto’s designs present a refined balance between the modern but the timeless – identical to our idea for the interior concept.

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